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How Market Hackers is Uniting the Best Technology In the World to Help You Trade Better



How Market Hackers is Uniting the Best Technology In the World to Help You Trade Better

When full-time entrepreneur Darik Alexander ventured into entrepreneurship through Foreign exchange markets, his goal was to integrate artificial intelligence with real data. Through this, users would be able to continue doing what they love, but faster and more efficiently. From this goal, Market Hackers was established.

Darik created Market Hackers with a simple goal in mind, to leverage the best trading technologies in the world thus allowing people all over to make trades based on historical data that is already gathered for them. Where they once had to look for the different indicators, patterns, and trends, now they can rely on Market Hackers’ technology to assist them. This not only saves people time but now they can better focus on their trades.

The foreign exchange market is always bursting with changes. The nature of this industry can lead trades to either extreme wins or extreme losses. Experts in the industry have researched over the years and come up with methods of studying the patterns and formulas of the foreign exchange market to predict its future behavior. While someone could certainly spend their time staring at charts and analyzing for hours, not everyone wants to be flooded with numerical data all day. Darik has partnered with a series of software and technology companies that specialize in just this. Making life easier for you so that you can focus on trading and reach your goals.

At Market Hackers, there are several AI softwares that help its users trade more efficiently. The first one being Alexander, an advanced AI software that can identify trends for its users. This gives them the advantage to have full control of the settings, allowing them to adjust according to their desired level of risk. The second option users are presented with is Ainstein, Alexander’s international counterpart. This is for markets where manual input is not required on every trade opportunity alert. Then there is Airis which functions as an extra add-on to Alexander and Ainstein. Airis uses AI and pattern recognition to alert its users to potential market breakouts. Aiva is the last option offered by Darik. It is a social ecosystem mobile app that shows users any available discounts and savings on things like travel and shopping.

Darik prides himself on the fact that behind all of these technologies and softwares offered through Market Hackers, are coders who at the same time have a vast understanding of the Foreign exchange markets.

Darik’s breakthrough technology in the forex market is helping people maximize their earnings and helping them to continue to do what they love most. Instead of spending countless hours trying to analyze charts and date, Market Hackers makes it easy for its users by uniting the best technology in the world. 

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