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How Mastering the Art of Marketing Has Set Nabeel Ahmad on the Path to Becoming a Millionaire



How Mastering the Art of Marketing Set by Nabeel Ahmad

Starting a company, and making it profitable can be tricky. We all know that the majority of the startups fail. It’s not always because their ideas weren’t good. It’s because they lack the right execution. What exactly is the “right” execution for a business? How exactly do marketing and sales play a role in helping a startup succeed?

Recently I had the chance to connect with Nabeel Ahmad, a 21-year-old entrepreneur who has mastered the art of marketing, to the level where he now advises many top companies on the best marketing strategies. He has successfully executed many successful marketing campaigns and has helped his clients scale their businesses by huge amounts. Nabeel seems to have a broad and well-rounded understanding of business, with expertise in several fields like marketing, public relations, sales and more. This well-rounded understanding has turned Nabeel into the go-to person for companies that are looking to scale their business.

Nabeel first learned about online marketing at the age of 16, when he was in high school. Curiosity caused him to research it, and he started watching YouTube videos about online marketing and did a couple of online courses. A couple of weeks later, Nabeel had learned a lot about social media marketing. He was well equipped to execute ad campaigns on Facebook. He developed Facebook pages, ran ads on them to grow their audience, and sold them when they had gained a significant number of likes. He did this for several months, earning a good amount of money. Later on, he started offering his services as a social media marketer to various companies on the internet. He was quickly able to scale his business, as he partnered up with more and more companies. 5 years down the line, he is now running his own full-service digital media agency, Vertabyte, which partners up with enterprise-level clients and helps them with all their digital needs.

When I asked Nabeel the big question that I had in mind, about what the right execution is for a business, he had some interesting things to say. “Making a business successful is an art. You see, most startups fail because the founders of those startups don’t have a clue about marketing. They don’t understand sales. They don’t understand lead generation. They don’t know the science that goes behind business model development. They are just in it because they had an idea, and think that’s all it’s going to take to win. It’s not that simple.”

Nabeel believes that a successful business is supposed to have several strong pillars. Just an idea is not enough. That idea has to be supported by strong viral marketing, strong PR, and a strong business model. “How can a building standard without strong pillars? With weak pillars, it’s only a matter of time before it topples down. That’s what happens to most startups. That is why the majority of startups fail – because they don’t have strong pillars.”

Apart from being a digital marketing specialist, Nabeel also runs a PR agency called The Influencer Factory, where he helps startups, companies, and influencers get featured in major publications. Press, he says, is also a crucial component for any successful business. “If you don’t position your business strategy in the eyes of the public by leveraging the power of PR, you’re going to get left behind. It all comes down to one thing – what image are you going to portray to the world about your business? If you don’t act and build your media presence, you will lack a critical pillar in your business structure. There is a reason why Bill Gates said that if he was down to his last dollar, he would spend it on PR.”

Nabeel is expected to scale his marketing and PR business to 7 figures by next year. He is also launching a social discovery network in a few weeks. I’m sure someone who has such a strong grasp over marketing will be able to take any product to great heights.

It was a pleasure getting all these helpful insights from Nabeel. He is truly a master of his craft.

You can connect with him on Facebook @nabeelahmad101 or on Instagram @nabeelahmad19.

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