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How Much and How To Take CBD Tincture for Anxiety



How Much and How To Take CBD Tincture for Anxiety

CBD has forged its way onto the market as a new method of aiding certain symptoms. There are many ways in which one can use CBD. There are CBD cartridges for vaping, CBD isolates that can be added to drinks or infused in cooking, CBD topicals, waxes, tinctures and more. At Johnny Apple, we have CBD tinctures for anxiety that are highly effective in aiding symptoms for relief.

The CBD tinctures we have available come in a single pack of 1-ounce dropper bottles or a 3-pack of single 1-ounce dropper bottles. All of our CBD tinctures are alcohol-free and made with 100% premium coconut derived MCT oil. The best way to get the most benefits out of CBD is to have it absorbed directly into your bloodstream. With the CBD tinctures available at Johnny Apple, the best way to do this for the most efficient results is by administering it sublingually with our 1-ounce glass dropper bottles.

In an ideal world, you would be able to ask your doctor about how much CBD you should be taking for your symptoms. However, at this current day and age, many people might not have that option. We are here to help. The first thing we want to mention is that everyone is different so everyone will have different preferences and needs when it comes to CBD. However, it is important for everyone to start out slow, with low doses, in order to understand how CBD works for them.

While there is no clinical data in reference to CBD, there have been many cases in which people who have used CBD have reported that it has helped them by easing a variety of symptoms. Some of those symptoms include stress and anxiety, acne, ADHD, depression, insomnia, PTSD and much more. Although, we do want to stress that out CBD products are not intended to treat, diagnose, or cure any illnesses.

At Johnny Apple, we have highly effective CBD tinctures for anxiety, along with a variety of other CBD products. Our tinctures are available in either 500MG or 1,000MG. We recommend starting with a low dose of 10MG per dose of the 500MG tincture and 20MG for the extra strength 1,000MG tincture. You are more than welcome, however, to start at a lower dose than that. By starting off small, you can then gauge whether or not you need to take more and go from there. Many CBD users take a dose in the morning and then again 12 hours later in the evening. However, there are those who determine that one dose is enough to last the entire day and, therefore, do not need to take another dose later in the day. The most important thing is to listen to your body so that you can determine what you need and offer it the best possible care.

For more information about our CBD tinctures for anxiety, visit us online at There you will find more in-depth information regarding our CBD tinctures and other CBD products along with a FAQs page. At Johnny Apple, we aim to provide our customers with the best CBD products on the market to ease their pain and make their symptoms more manageable. Whether you are looking for a tincture to apply sublingually, a topical cream, or an isolate, we are sure you will be able to find something on our website.

Another benefit of Johnny Apple CBD products is that each of our CBD products contains 0% THC. This is why we are able to ship our high-quality CBD products to virtually any address. For more information, contact our customer service representatives at, or reach out to our wholesale team at

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