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How Sima Azadegan Boosts Confidence With Sima Collezione



Children tend to try and please other people, especially adults and their peers. As a young girl, Sima Azadegan always wanted to do the right thing and appease people. Being the third child of an immigrant family, Sima never had a voice but still tried to keep everyone happy.

When she turned nine, Sima took classical piano training, setting up the momentum for the rest of her life. She would later enter USC and graduate with a double major in Political Science and Music. By twenty-one, she met her husband and started a new life together. They would later have three children, Daniel, Dana, and Jordi, the latter being adopted but loved as if he was their own son.

While she raised her family, Sima Azadegan became a classical piano teacher for twenty years. During that time, she has been involved in many charitable causes. Sima has been on the boards for Hadassah, Neuro Muscular Disease Foundation, and Beyond Vision. She is also a member of the International Female Society of Entrepreneurs, Children Hospital, Children International, and Visionary Women Organization, whose leader is the Mayor of Beverly Hills.

Throughout the years, Sima has gone through an introspective journey. Every experience and every breath she took helped her grow to become closer to her true identity. All the hardships and struggles that she went through gave her a sure sign of her soul’s awakening, helping her become closer to her true purpose and mission in life. 

Sima Azadegan created her own company Sima Collezione, a clothing brand geared towards empowering women by creating unique, bold, and vibrant dresses that bring out the beauty and light within each woman. Sima Collezione holds a charity that helps other women in need with each sale. Sima’s brand is all about the positive forces of nature, like love, compassion, integrity, peace, light, charity, and human kindness. Sima Collezion brings back class, integrity, elegance, and refinement as each dress is made with purpose and represents a deeper meaning of nature and love.

Since starting the company, Sima has created over fifty haute couture designs, which she calls her Dream Dresses. While each of the fifty dresses is different, they are all cohesive to Sima’s fashion line theme. Using bold solid colors, the dresses provide women with the confidence boost they need. Sima uses jewels and other embellishments to help women shine their inner light within. Her fashion line also has a European flair with old class charm and elegance.

Sima Azadegan is unique because despite having a housewife background with no fashion design degree or taking classes, she has managed to run a successful clothing line. While creating Sima Collezione, she never looked at a magazine or a book for advice or tips. Her designs came from her higher consciousness, and she was able to transpire them on paper and bring them to life. They came from the truest source of her essence, her heart. 

To learn more about Sima Azadegan and Sima Collezione, you may visit her website or connect with her through LinkedIn and Instagram.

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