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How the Social Media Influencer DayVBeats Is Changing the Way We Produce and Develop Music



Walking down the streets of The Bronx, it’s nearly impossible to hear silence. Aside from the constant buzzing of passing conversation and cars, the sound of music is a constant frequency flowing through the air.

DayVBeats, a 24-year-old social media influencer from Sedgwick Avenue, picked up on this frequency and is taking the world by storm! With nearly 40K followers on Instagram, 28K on Youtube and 15K on Twitter, DayVBeats has a solid platform. At the age of just nine years old, she recognized the power of music. DayVBeats began taking piano lessons and eventually began learning about different programs and platforms used for making beats.

“After that, whenever I would listen to a song on the radio, I listened to it through new ears. I listened to what ‘sound’ is differently. That was when I decided I wanted to make beats and learn various ways of doing it.”

Eventually, DayVBeats started to have conversations with different artists and producers. One day, after a conversation with a friend that is a music producer, DayV’s concept of what music is and how it is developed began to change.

When he explained what a producer does, it stuck with her. DayVBeats states that, “After that, whenever I would listen to a song on the radio, I listened to it differently. I listened to what ‘sound’ is differently. That was when I decided I wanted to make beats and learn different ways of doing it.”

Over time, the following DayVBeats gained provided her with the opportunity to work with a clothing brand as an affiliate called The Sad Society. It was at that time that DayVBeats was perfecting her craft and began making music and beats for larger influencers and artists. By completing these projects for larger influencers, more artists and influencers gravitated toward her in hopes of enlisting her services for their upcoming projects.

Working with the likes of Tory Lanez, B. Simone, Beyond Brandon & Pretty V, there is no wonder as to why the requests for her production skills were increasing in demand. It is clear that this influencer is showing no signs of slowing down as a producer. After working with various artists, DayVBeats realized something was wrong with the way people were producing music and providing beats to artists.

In an interview, DayVBeats states that, “If you search the internet for “free beats”, it’s very unlikely that you will find beats that are actually free. What you will find is people using “free beats” as a tag to get traffic to their platform but when you ask for the trackouts, you will likely be told by the producer the price for them to release the trackout files to you. I decided that I wanted to change this and offer beats that are actually free.”

In an effort to change this, DayVBeats decided that she would provide free beats to any artist that wants them. She also wants to change the game in terms of accessibility. DayVBeats states that many producers are hard to get in contact with and this can make it difficult for smaller artists to get beats or exposure at all. In response to this, DayVBeats has made herself accessible and easy to reach.

I don’t want anything in return. People enjoying my music is enough for me.”

Recently, DayVBeats has released a new beat tape called Heart Broken Beat Tape for free consumption and use across all major streaming platforms, like Spotify and Apple Music.

When asked during an interview why she wanted to provide something free in an industry where others are doing the exact opposite, DayVBeats states that she wants to give her gift to those who will benefit from it without expecting anything in return. People enjoying her music is enough for her.

To see DayVBeats in action or to contact her, you may visit her website, YouTubeInstagram, and Twitter page.

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