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How to Choose a New Brand Name?




You want your company to be successful and last forever right? Well choosing a name is the first step in this process. Don’t name your company with a popular buzzword, weird abbreviation or any other type of fad linguistics. Choose an appropriate, professional and real set of words that will represent your business for centuries. If you need startup naming services, you can contact us for naming, trademark, copyright, logo creation also.

Web Scalability

Although it wouldn’t make sense to choose a gibberish name only because domain is available; it does make sense to think about domain names, social media names, search competition, etc when choosing your name. Try to choose a name that has the direct domain available (harder and harder to do).

As social media continues to grow while character limits do not, choose a name that is short, sweet and to the point! Lastly, don’t choose a super competitive search term as your keyword. It can become a branding nightmare when you can’t rank number one for your own name. If you are searching for acronym naming services for your business, Unboxfame is the company that can offer you the best services without any doubt.


It is imperative that your target audience can easily identify and comprehend your brand name. Your target audience is your potential customer base and you don’t want a confusing or unrelated name hindering the conversion process.


Seriously consider hiring a branding firm to help you with this task. A brand naming consultant that specialises in company naming, provides valuable research and resources to make sure your new company name won’t offend, confuse, or alienate anyone. More importantly they will ensure your new name doesn’t generate calls from corporate lawyers! It is important to choose a company naming firm that will work with you and be a true partner. It is your company, so you need to have a say.


At the end of the day it is your business and you are the expert. You have put your heart and soul into this company and know it like the back of your hand. If your gut or your heart is telling you something; don’t ignore it! Trust your instincts and your expertise.

Hope your question about how to choose a new brand name is solved in this Blog?

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