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How to come up with a company name?



How to come up with a company name?

Passion, energy and courage – these are the qualities you need to start a new business. So, since you have a great business idea, have developed a business plan, and even already have a base of potential customers, you are almost ready to start. Almost, because in addition to all this you are missing one very important thing – a catchy name for the company, product or service you will develop.

A good company name should reflect your brand and be unique, as well as relate to the company’s mission and preferably be associated with the products or services you offer.

Ways to come up with a company name

A company name is a kind of reflection of the founders or owners. Therefore, above all, it should be:

  • distinctive;
  • unique;
  • creative.

A properly chosen company name allows, above all, to make a good first impression.

A popular practice is to outsource finding a name for a company to a professional agency – such a service is often referred to as “naming.” In naming, marketing agencies work on a company name that is new, trendy, appropriate for the industry and, of course, unique.

The uniqueness of the name should first and foremost focus on the fact that no company existing in a given market (local or global) has a registered trademark for the same or a very similar name, and ideally no such name is used by any entity at all.

However, when you are taking your first steps in business, you probably have other priorities than having someone come up with a name for your company.

For this reason, we have prepared the best ideas and tips to help you create the perfect name for your business. Try to get inspired by these tips and use proven ways. Below is a list of the best ideas and tips on how to come up with a company name.

Use an abbreviation or acronym

Many large companies use acronyms instead of full names – it’s easier to remember them that way. Take the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), for example.

Combination of words

Think of two or three words that are meaningful to you and your company. Can you somehow combine them in pieces, or even in their entirety? Some examples are: TripAdvisor (“trip” and “advisor“), Evernote (from “forever” and “note”) or AirBnB (from “mattress” and “breakfast”).

Use words in a foreign language

Using a language other than Polish can make your company appear to be a global, modern brand and be more quickly remembered by potential customers. It doesn‘t necessarily have to be English. For example – any company related to fashion or cosmetics can refer to French or Italian, and a new tea shop can draw inspiration from Japanese.

Use your own name or surname

Your company is often a reflection of yourself – so why not incorporate your own name or surname? Many well-known companies use the names of their creators – like Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Boeing airplanes or Tommy Hilfiger fashion brand.

Mix up the words

Try mixing up some words that have meaning to you – can you combine part of your name with part of a city? Look at IKEA: it’s named after its founder, Ingvar Kamprad, and his hometown of Elmtaryd Agunnaryd. Think creatively and try to mix different arrangements of the letter and the words those letters are derived from.

Use a symbol

Another way to come up with a company name is to draw inspiration from a symbol or essential element of your work. A name like Apple we immediately associate with the distinctive apple, while an integral part of tech giant Cisco’s branding is a graphic representation of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Use a ready-made generator

If you still don’t have an idea for a catchy and easy-to-remember company name, then take the help of a ready-made generator.

You can decide on such an idea or simply get inspired by a particular proposal. There are quite a few different sites at your disposal that will make the process much easier.

Turbologo is a real leader among English-language business name generators. This site will suggest you not only a name, but also a logo design. In addition, the site is very intuitive, free and easy to read.

In this case, you need to write some keywords related to your business profile, industry or emotions you want to evoke. Based on this, the artificial intelligence creates a name. You can also create a logo idea.


Once you’ve chosen the perfect company name, it’s time to take action. First of all, make sure it’s accessible – you don’t want your company to have the same name as your competitors. Then – if your name is completely unique – secure a matching domain name, set up social media profiles, and really think through the pros and cons of filing and registering the name as a trademark.

Once your company has a name, you can start promoting it with basic marketing materials. The last step you should take is to create a visually appealing website, which will also be consistent with your company’s corporate identity, and be registered on the web domain of your choice.