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How to Create a Unique Business Name



Small businesses that are still starting need to look for ways to make their products and services interesting to their audience. One of the best ways to do this is to give their products fun and witty names. By doing this, the products stick in the minds of prospective clients because they are attracted to the name. It’s a simple but effective marketing scheme that more often than not, works like wonders. One thing you can do is to brainstorm for product names.

How to create a new brand name? When brainstorming for a name, check a thesaurus. You can use different thesauruses since these could have different results. Other thesauruses contain slang and lingo that could sound better for product names. Check out for naming services.

Play a metaphor game. Ask yourself or your team “if you or I were animals, which ones would we be?” Try to think about different realms like sports, war, music, medicine, landscape, flowers, etc. Write the words, ideas and phrases which seem to have a relevance to the naming challenge. For example, let’s just say you’re planning to name a chocolate flavoured cake for your bakery, and you decide to use colour for the game. You can write down dark, light, shadow, and more. You might think of naming your cake “Dark Wishes”

How to register a new brand name? Scan through directories and check out names of companies that are in the same industry or business as the one you’re putting up. This helps in two ways, it makes sure that the name you want to use is not overused and that it’s unique, and it can also inspire you to make new names.

Use random cues and prompts. You can open a random book and see what you can come up with on the page you opened. Get your old Scrabbles game and see what you can make with it that’s related to the product you’re naming. You can also scan through magazine ads and articles that can help your creativity flow.

Role play with your team, imagine your some big time TV host, a school kid, a college student, a rock star, an office clerk, a newscaster, someone famous, use your imagination. Imagine how these people would name the product. This helps especially if you place yourself in the shoes of your prospective customers and think the way they would. You can even recycle ideas that you threw out. Going back to an old idea might just be the thing to get you to create the name you want. If you want business naming services, contact us for the most amazing naming services.

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