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How to Create an Amazing Experience for Your Customers



How to Create an Amazing Experience for Your Customers

Customer Experience is more than just the latest industry buzzword — it’s a way of life.

Today, offering genuine customer engagement (or user) experience has become a bare necessity. Still, a lot of brands out there have troubles dealing with this particular area of marketing which is reflected in their decrease in revenue. 

To keep your customers fully engaged and satisfied, here’s what you need to know.


Hit the Mark with the Right Content

There’s nothing worse than failing to hit the mark with your target audience. It doesn’t matter whether your content is of outstanding quality or not — if you post content that your audience finds irrelevant, your message will ultimately be ignored. Worse still, by annoying your customers, instead of engaging them, you can even be flagged as a potential spammer.

Now, this is where marketing automation comes in. With the right tools, automation allows you to pinpoint the exact hot-topics and relevant discussions your target audience wants to hear more about. These include social media posts, newsletters, emails, and so on. That way you don’t have to look at Tarot cards to determine what type of content you should publish next.

In addition, by implementing this smart matchmaking process, you also increase the chances of customers actually interacting with your brand, establishing meaningful connections and turning loyal customers into brand advocates.


Conduct Surveys

There can be no customer experience if you don’t listen to your customers’ wants and needs. Follow-up surveys are an integral part of the customer journey. Whenever a customer finishes a transaction, send them an automated customer satisfaction survey to hear their opinion. This will provide you with some actionable data and valuable customer insight you can later use to refine your marketing approach. What’s more, you’ll make your customers happy — they love being heard. 

In addition, you can create fun competitions and polls for your online followers as a form of engagement to draw them in even more. Let them vote on their favourite products or topics to get an idea of what they actually want.


Automated Event Management

The use of technology for event management has been trending for quite some time now and for good reason! Studies have shown that implementing some form of automation into your event management process will result in better productivity levels, increased attendance, and — most importantly of all — lower costs. 

For instance, using a smart visitor management app to sign in attendees at an event and get notified when VIP guests arrive instead of using a physical receptionist. Overall, this will help you accomplish two things. First of all, you’ll provide your customers with a memorable experience they won’t soon forget; and secondly, you’ll get your hands on some juicy Big Data you can use for your marketing campaigns. 

In a nutshell, events are a neat way to connect and engage with your customers; both online and offline. Use webinars or real-life conferences whenever possible to inform and educate your customers on various topics and showcase your industry expertise. 


Effective Email Marketing

If you think emails are outdated — think again! According to HubSpot, email marketing has an amazing 3,800% ROI; meaning, you get $38 for every $1 spent. Now, couple this with some smart automation solutions and you get a recipe for success. 

The fact of the matter is — customers generally prefer email over other forms of communication; it’s less intrusive than a phone call and not as pushy as a live promotion can be. Yet, what really makes email marketing shine is personalization. With emails you can act as a sort of guru for each individual user throughout their customer journey — without being seen as too nosy — guiding them every step of the way. 

For instance, imagine a new customer signs up on your website. You can start by sending automated welcome and thank-you emails to warm them up and offer your assistance. After they’ve made a purchase you can send informative emails with the details of their order as well as the expected time of delivery. A few days later, you can even do a follow-up email where you suggest similar items and request feedback. That way you can stay connected with your customers for longer and address their ongoing needs.  


Anticipate Customer Needs

Doing things in hindsight is easy — doing them at the opportune moment is not. One way to provide stellar customer service — that’s nothing short of a sci-fi movie — is to predict and serve your customers’ needs before they even arise. This will not only bring a nice boost to your revenue but will also provide an amazing customer experience that will increase customer satisfaction levels and keep retention at an all-time high. 

But first, you need to collect valuable user data with some smart automation software. These will help you gain a better understanding of your customers and their shopping habits. Find patterns in their behaviour and investigate their product choices to determine the most optimal product recommendations; the appropriate timing and format included. Use external sources — for instance, social media — in conjunction with your own in-house data to get the best results and start sending those personalized messages to warm them up. 

Target, personalize, and automate; these three make the Holy Trinity of great marketing. Remember that and you’re bound to offer your loyal brand followers a truly amazing customer experience. 

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