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How to Effectively Sanitize and Clean Your Restaurant in 8 Steps



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Experienced restaurant owners are well aware of the safety of their customers, which is why they ensure safety guidelines at their facilities. These guidelines include cleaning every area in the restaurant, followed by sanitization after use. Deep cleaning removes the majority of the germs and keeps everyone safe. However, disinfection is a process of tackling potentially invisible surface pathogens such as utensil viruses. It goes beyond normal precautions to prevent damage and ensure cleanliness. Even if everyone on the team is healthy, getting your restaurant disinfected once a week is important. Restaurant cleaning services provide exceptional sanitization of your facility and always have the right supplies available. However, if you want to avoid hiring these service providers, you can keep a check on your restaurant’s sanitization by following these eight steps. Let us have a look.

1- Follow a Proper Disinfection Checklist

Most restaurants already have a cleaning and disinfection checklist, but you will have to make sure that both checklists are different and that the disinfection checklist is complete. You can easily increase the safety measures of your restaurant by adding several disease-prevention techniques to your disinfection checklist. Make sure you have all the techniques for areas with high traffic, food contact surfaces, and consumables and devices used throughout the restaurant timings. Furthermore, as an owner, you will have to ensure that all tasks are properly assigned to cleaning staff for accountability and to allow managers to see progress on their task list across shifts.

2- Use Effective Cleaning Supplies

A restaurant cleaning and disinfection checklist are incomplete without proper cleaning supplies. Therefore, you must always prepare proper tools and cleaners at your restaurants. Disinfectants can be purchased easily from a retailer or a local supplier in the market. You can either place an order online or can visit the shops personally. Make sure that the front part, kitchen, and bathrooms of a restaurant are cleaned and sanitized daily. Thoroughly clean the area where food is prepared, and sanitize it once the restaurant closes in the evening. Important supplies that should be present in your restaurant are

  • Bleach
  • Disinfection Wipes
  • Hand Sanitizers
  • Surface Cleaners
  • Microfiber Cloth
  • Cooking Gloves
  • Steel Cleaner
  • Hand Soap

3- Staff Engagement

If you don’t want to hire restaurant cleaning services to disinfect your restaurant, let them train your staff to do this job. Your team must strictly follow the safety measures and guidelines to

keep everyone safe from any kind of disease. Your staff must know how to clean the restaurant and must also know how to maintain distance while taking and delivering orders. Protective equipment, especially masks, should be worn at all times to ensure sanitization all the time.

4- Focus on Customer Engagement

To keep your restaurant clean, disinfected, and safe, you must focus on your customers’ engagement. You can place different signs around the restaurant to remind your customers about the safety protocols. Strictly ask your customers to wear a mask and ask them to avoid contact with surfaces as much as possible. Put disinfectant in spray bottles to sanitize the table and chairs when the customers leave. Hand sanitizer must be available in the washrooms.

5- Wash Your Hands Often

Without a doubt, the best way to prevent the spread of any disease is to wash your hands often. The staff should wash their hands after the completion of every service. For example, when they deliver food to the customer, they should either wash their hands or should sanitize them. Although hand sanitizers are supposed to do the job, nothing is more effective at killing germs than regular soap and water.

6- All the Surfaces Should be Cleaned and Sanitized

Restaurant cleaning services focus more on common touch areas such as doorknobs for effective sanitization. Since different viruses are easily picked up due to the touch, they will further spread from person to person. So, take every precaution possible to adopt best practices for restaurant cleaning. Also, you must state that your customer’s safety is the top priority. Customers who see your restaurant’s extensive sanitizing regime will undoubtedly return and encourage socialites to try your services.

7- Increase Kitchen Disinfection Measures

If there is any area in a restaurant that requires proper cleaning, it is the kitchen. If you serve contaminated food to your customers, it will highly decrease your restaurant’s ratings. This means you have to be aware that any of your kitchen staff could unknowingly become infected and spread the virus to common appliances and surfaces in your kitchen.

8- Keep the Trash Out

A cluttered restaurant is a straight red flag for many customers. Therefore, your staff must regularly remove the trash. Trash cans must be wiped properly with disinfectants, and trash bags must be replaced timely as well. When discussing how to clean a restaurant, it is important to consider all areas, not just those that food primarily touches.

Restaurant cleaning is the most focused part of every eatery these days. With huge competition in the market these days, owners ensure strict safety measures to attract more customers. The eight steps mentioned above are very important to keep your restaurant environment safe and healthy for dining for your customers. These steps will guarantee your customers that your facility is safe and increase the rating of your eatery. Proper hygiene reduces the chances of contamination, making the environment healthy.