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How to get FSSAI Enlistment?



The sanitation and Guidelines Authority of India (FSSAI) is the essential regulation for the guideline of food items laid out under the Food handling and Norms Act, 2006. It is liable for securing and advancing general well-being through the guideline and oversight of sanitation. For ready and dynamic clients, getting a permit under FSSAI is an approach to guaranteeing them that they are getting a decent quality item.

FSSAI Enrollment 

FSSAI Registration is for the food business, hence every Food Business Administrator (FBO) should acquire a permit/enlistment. FSSAI gives an open door to FBOs to apply for Enlistment/Permitting through an internet-based Enrollment/Authorizing framework. This permit goes about as evidence and consent for any spot managing in food to be a legitimate producer and wholesaler of cooked and handled food varieties that are to be sold economically to the majority. Having a valid FSSAI Permit enables a business to improve and increase its credibility. In this manner, All food eateries and kitchens should apply for an FSSAI permit enlistment to gain an FSSAI permit assuming that they pass the FSSAI principles. 

FSSAI Enrollment versus Permit 

FSSAI issues three kinds of permits in light of the idea of the food business and turnover: 

  • Enlistment: Not more than Rs 12 lakh in Turnover.
  • State Permit: For Sales of 12 lakh to 20 crore rupees.
  • Focal Permit: For Turnover above Rs 20 Crore. 

Different models like the area of the business, the number of retail locations, and so on are required while assessing the idea of permit relevance.

Moves toward applying for FSSAI Enlistment

FSSAI sent off a Food handling Consistence Framework (FoSCoS) on wef first of June 2020 supplanting the current Food Permitting and Enrollment Framework. Clients are currently expected to visit and log in through a similar client Id and secret key. 

Here is the stepwise aide for enrollment.

Stage 1: Go to the site Click on ‘Apply for Enlistment Testament on the home screen. The charge for enlistment is Rs. 100 every year.

Stage 2: The manual human test code and your email address. In the wake of tapping on the present, a confirmation code (OTP) will be shipped off the given Email-Id or Versatile Number. Enter the code and continue.

Stage 3: Select the State in the wake of perusing the Note prior to continuing.

Stage 4: The Gathering Heads of Sort of Business should be read. Click on Sort of Business under which the food business falls and snap on the radio button under it to continue further.

Stage 5: Fill in every one of the required fields as displayed in Structure A.

Stage 6: Transfer the necessary records, pay the application charge with accessible modes and present the application.

Reports Expected for FSSAI Enrollment

 Records expected for Enlistment Authentication 

  • Photograph.
  • Government-provided Picture ID, for example, AADHAAR, Container, Elector ID, and so on.
  • Evidence of Address of Organizations action (in the event that address is other than as referenced in Picture ID Card) Stage 7: After effectively finishing the installment, a receipt will be created with a reference number that has 17 digits and can be used for future use.

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How to follow the FSSAI enlistment application status? 

You can follow the situation with your application utilizing the reference number on

This application can be acknowledged or it could be dismissed by the division in the span of 7 days from the date of receipt of an application and the dismissal must be implied to the candidate and recorded as a hard copy. After fruitful enlistment, a 14-digit enrollment or permit number is given. This number is imprinted on all the food bundles. This 14-digit enrollment number gives insights regarding the collection of state and maker’s grants.