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How to Install Vinyl Fence on a Slope?



Installing a fence comes with specific challenges. The job becomes trickier, though, when you need to build it on a slope. There are easy ways to go about this. Here are suggestions to help you with a DIY approach if you want to install the fence yourself. 

No Leveling Needed

That’s one of the first things we’ll need to get out of the way. Before you decide to move forward with a fence installation project, don’t worry. You won’t need to level the slope. You can still install a fence on uneven ground. It will require more tools and planning, but it’s not impossible. And once you get the hang of the steps, you can do this again the next time you decide to tinker with your outdoor space again. 

Use Racked Fences

Racking is the use of racked fences on a slope. The fences follow the contours of your garden’s ground, so there are no gaps between the rail and the ground or soil. With the fences adjusting to the slopes, the fence achieves a more uniform appearance. It doesn’t look out of place. There are a few limitations with this option, though. For one, if the slope is over 15 degrees, installing a fence may not be the best idea. It may not even be possible. You’ll need to research if racked fencing is the best solution for your fence and property. If you have kids or pets, this fencing solution is better since it reduces any chances that your pets or kids may escape through any gaps in the ground. 

Stepped Fence

Another solution that you can use for your yard is stepped fences. You can also install them on a slope. Do you have steeper grades? Consider choosing a vinyl fence since the material is lightweight. The panels of a stepped fence don’t follow the shape or contour of the ground. They leave triangular gaps in between because of that. That makes them a less ideal option for families since the gaps can provide your pets or kids with opportunities to escape through the fence. Find a way to block off those gaps to ensure the security of your family. 

Look for Pros, Anyway 

Some suppliers offer installation assistance, too. Consider getting help if you think you need more time with the research and work you must do. Pros have the tools, experience, and knowledge to address potential problems and deal with the situation efficiently. It’s also more convenient for you to hand over the work to a professional. However, if you are determined to do this, follow the instructions. Be sure to check that you aren’t skipping any steps. With several guides and suggestions online on installing a fence over a slope, it shouldn’t be that difficult to get into the work. Make sure you prepare the site, whether hiring pros or choosing a DIY approach. If the yard is cleared of clutter, items, equipment, and more, you can start working on the fence right away.