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How to Manage Customer Relationships



Building a good relationship with your customer is an important aspect every business owner should pay close attention to. A good customer relationship is essential, especially if your business offers service instead of products to the people. 

Generally, buyers would love to spend their money to avail of a product or service from a business known to provide good customer relationships and experience. According to the statistics, business owners who build a good relationship with their clients have a 70 percent chance of advertising their current clients’ services. 

No matter how great you are in building customer relationships, you are still looking for ways to improve it. One best strategy is to make use of the customer management software. Daylite is a good application you can use to boost your business relationship with clients. Customer management software is ideal for service-based and small businesses. 

But keep in mind that you still need to exert some effort to build a good customer relationship while using your trusted customer management software. Keep on reading to know the right practices you should do and maintain to build a harmonious and beneficial relationship with your current and potential clients. 

Ask Feedback from Your Customers

Many business professionals claim that clients love to avail products and services from businesses and brands that allot enough time to know their customers and respond to their comments. One way to ensure that you are building a good customer relationship is to ask them about their opinions about your services. You can use their feedback to improve the services or products you offer. 

If you are just starting your business, you may not have an idea about the proper way of asking for feedback from your customers. One of the strategies you may use to get their feedback is to use different online platforms available today. 

Considering that more than 70 percent of customers are using their phones and other gadgets the whole day, asking for their feedback will just be a piece-of-a-cake for you. If you are still searching for platforms you can use, consider using SurveyMonkey to create a survey for your clients. You may also create a web form and upload it to your business website where your customers can easily write down their opinions about your products or services. 

Improve the Way You Communicate With Your Customers

If your business is all about providing services, you know how important having a good communication with your customers. Yes, this is also a crucial factor if you provide actual products, but most aspects included are more personal if you offer services. 

To ensure that your business or company will stand out among your competitors, make sure that you will provide your customers with a better experience and leave a positive impression. The experience of your customer plays an essential role in separating your brand from the competition. In that aspect, expect that it will overtake your product and its price. 

Another important tip to have a good communication with your customers is to connect with them through the platforms they used to subscribe or follow your brand. For example, if most of your clients avail your services through social media channels, there is a high chance that they will send queries and responses to you through either Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook. Communicating with your clients through online platforms is way better than calling or texting them. 

Make Sure to Solve the Complains and Address the Negative Feedbacks of Your Customers

As a business owner, there is no doubt that one of the worst things you could experience in this industry is to receive negative feedback or complaints about the services and products you offer. This is because it can pose a stain to the reputation of your business. In most cases, if your customers find something negative about your product, they will tend to post their experiences on social media, which has a wide array of users around the world. 

But, if you are going to address these complaints right away, all of these can be prevented. Take note that there are some strategies you can do to give your customers a positive experience after having a negative one previously. You can make up to this situation and ensure that your customers’ every complaint is being addressed immediately. Your internal policy should include how you and your employees handle these things. Aside from that, it would be best to give your employees the right training on how to address this kind of issue. 

Loyal Customers Deserve a Reward

Your current customers have had spent a lot for your business compared to the new ones. Besides that, you should also understand that loyal customers spend more than 67 percent of their money than new ones. In other words, providing your regular customers with daily rewards won’t affect the stability of your income. 

For example, one best way to reward your customer is to invite them to join a referral or loyalty program or offer them limited-time coupons. Through this, you are encouraging them to purchase more from your company. Not only that, but they will also notice that you see their importance as your regular customers. 


Keep in mind that the quality of the services or products you offer is only one of several factors you should pay attention to succeed in the business industry. You can also achieve business success by treating your clients the way they deserve to be treated. 

There is no doubt that understanding the needs and wants of your target customers and building a good relationship with them requires a lot of money, effort, and time. But take note that all of the things you invest in this industry will pay off in the future. You should make your customers know that you are being thankful to have them. Always make them feel that they are playing a big part in the overall success of your business. 

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