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How to Pick Right Vehicle for Transport Goods




Picking the right vehicle for transporting goods from Mumbai to Ahmedabad transporters might leave you little confused as the choices are quite many and there are some vital parameters to consider.  The success of a business depends hugely on transportation services it hires. An efficient and reliable truck transport service will not only help you achieve your targets but will also keep your customers happy and satisfied.  If you want to send a small load from one destination to another and you hire a big delivery truck, then you will be actually wasting your hard earned money. Some people hire a full load truck wherein they just need part load services to carry their goods across.

There are some points which you need to bear in mind before you choose the right vehicle to transport your goods:

  • The weight of goods to be transported

If a huge load need to be transported across along destination,  it is better to choose a heavy-duty truck rather than transporting in a regular trailer truck. The engine capacity should be high so that any chance of breakdown during the course of the journey is minimized. Also if your requirement is just part load services, then do not go for a full capacity truck as this will cost you heavily.

  • GPS tracking system

The vehicle which you hire should be fitted with a GPS tracking system so that you get to know about whereabouts of your consignment. This way you can also inform the end-user as when they will get their stuff. This enhances efficiency and effectiveness in the system

  • The condition of the transport vehicle

Make sure that the transport vehicle which you hire is in good condition. This reduces the chances of any breakdown or accident during transit. For instance, if the brakes are not working properly, the vehicle might not stop when there is a need to apply immediate brakes. Or if any head or rear lights are broken, visibility will be hampered drastically.

  • Safety features

Transport vehicle should be fitted with safety features such as airbags, Automatic Braking system, collision warning system, seat belt, electronic stability control system etc. In case any accident takes place serious problems are avoided and your consignment does not get delayed. The Electronic Stability Control system works with anti-lock brakes so that in case of emergency the spinning of the vehicle does not go out of control. This mechanism has been effective in reducing the death rate.  It has become compulsory in some countries to install such safety features in new vehicles, keeping in mind the safety standards.

But if you are regular with a company you might end up getting a good deal. Companies do no
overcharge regular customers because they do not want to lose them to competition. Before you choose a
truck transporter to make a comparative study of rates in order to get an idea about prevailing rates in the
market. This was if any company is overcharging you for their services you will be able to immediately
ask about the same. Also, if you do not require full capacity service go in for partial load service. This
will enable you to save money as for why to pay for whole if you do not require it.

So, keep these points in mind while choosing a transport vehicle. Also, go for a reputed and efficient transport service as they take all steps to ensure that your consignment reaches safely and on time. In most of the cases insurance is included in the freight so that if any mishap takes place the client has to bear the minimum loss and no serious financial problem crops up.


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