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How to Plan a Successful Business Party



How to Plan a Successful Business Party

Business parties sound fun, but with a bad organization, they can often end up being awkward, stressful or downright disastrous. However, if you know where to start your planning process, you can organize fun and successful business party everyone will enjoy and remember. Here’s how to pull it off.

Set your budget

Knowing how much money you need for food, venue, entertainment, and invitations is a great way to stay on track and not blow your budget. Once you have a preliminary number in mind, you’ll know how much wiggle room you have.

Select the right time

In order to avoid stress and hurry you should start party planning at least four months in advance. According to most party planners, business parties last from 2 to 4 hours depending on your agenda, so make sure to plan your start and end time accordingly. Organizing a good time frame is a great idea because it will keep the evening going without rushing your guests, especially if you have any business party elements like toasts, speeches or presentations.

Find a good venue

This is definitely the most important part. Selecting a proper venue for your party is very important and can set the entire tone of the vent. If you’re planning a formal dinner, choose a fancy restaurant, but if you want to make your business party a bit more interesting, you can spice things up with a fun location. For instance, whiskey tasting in Sydney at Archie Rose distillery is a new favorite among Australians. It’s a great way to get your business team together and have a fun (and educational) afternoon. Your guests will learn a lot about whiskey production and even leave the party with a bottle of their own signature blend. If you want to organize a party of your entire company, choosing a bigger venue is recommended or you can even transform your company into your venue for a night.

Create a guests list

Having a clear guest list is another useful tip that can make your party more successful. If you have a limited venue, you might want to note on the invite whether the event is plus one or not and whether it’s kid-friendly.

Not doing that will leave you guessing on how many people will show up which is never a good idea. Creating a seating chart is also practical and it will ensure less fuss. Create a list of all your guests, business associates, clients, and coworkers. Also, make sure to note whether the invitation is plus one or not.

Ensure entertainment

While some venues provide entertainment or are entertainment in themselves like your distillery tour, other’s need some planning when it comes to fun. You might want to book a DJ, a live band or guest speakers. Depending on the formality of your party, renting a karaoke machine is also a great idea that will bring the team together, result in many laughs and make your party unique and memorable.

Create a menu

If you’re organizing you even at a restaurant, contact the staff to plan the menu for your party. Make sure to include appetizers, soup, salad, entrees, and desserts and make your guests feel welcome.

Create a menu

Pair your meals and drinks in advance, so that your waiters know what to bring on the night of the party. On the other hand, if you’re planning an office business party, stay clear of the potluck. This might be very cost-effective, but your guests want to eat something they didn’t have to cook. Luckily, there are so many amazing catering options today that will wow your guests. Even if you’re planning to have a shorter event, a few snacks will always come in handy. Fancy little bites to fresh lamb burgers from food trucks, every type of party can find its match today.

If you want to make your event even better, provide your guests with small gifts. A good business party is will not only bring your team together and be a fun little treat for your employees but also result in new business opportunities and new collaborations. So, make sure to use these tips to give your guests a party they deserve and watch as your event unfolds successfully.


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