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How to Recruit & Retain Remote Workers



How to Recruit & Retain Remote Workers

Starting a business requires a lot of funds. Seeing as how their budget is usually limited to a certain extent, business owners look for ways of saving some money to ensure the company can survive for a longer period of time. One of those ways is hiring remote workers.

In the beginning, not having to rent a big space, purchase all the equipment the staff needs and pay the overhead costs means a lot to a business. Plus, over time, owners realize that this method works perfectly well for a large company as well.

So, regardless of what stage your company is in if you’re looking for some remote workers, here is a little guide on how you can attract them, recruit them, and persuade them to remain with your company in the long run.


Attract them by creating a strong brand

Before you start looking for any particular person for a certain position, start working on your employer brand online. By having a good reputation as an employer, it will be much easier for you to attract qualified people. This is very important when hiring remote workers, seeing as how it is quite possible that they will not be from your city or even country. Being able to read up about you online can be a big plus when it comes to them hearing about your company in the first place and you having a chance of recruiting them.

After you create a website for your company, include an ‘about us’ or ‘careers’ page where interested candidates can learn more about you and the position you offer. Here, you can also explain your values, what you stand for and are trying to achieve as well as what you are looking for in employees. Something else you can also include is current and previous employee testimonials. By telling their story, they might inspire other people to apply for a position in your company.


Create an alluring job ad

In addition to presenting yourself in the best light possible online, you should also work on creating an interesting job ad. Include everything that the job requires and entails. Specify what you expect of the candidates, whether it’s good communication or high organizational skills, and the level of education. Give as many details about the nature of the job as you can, such as what they will be doing and describe some potential scenarios they might have to deal with.

On the other hand, you also need to present them with all the opportunities this job comes with. List the work hours, how flexible you are, give some info about the salary. Furthermore, mention all other benefits they might get if they are chosen to fill the position. If you are not sure how to create a position description, you can consult with professionals from HR companies such as Standard Candle.


Find the best place to look for employees

Once you’ve drafted a job ad that looks appealing, you need to look for the right place to post it. Luckily, nowadays there are many ways to find the right match for your business. A good way to start is by having your current employees refer some of their friends, acquaintances or former colleagues. Moreover, your friends, family and business partners can also spread the word. This approach will save you money on advertising.

On the other hand, you can turn to your social media pages and post the ad to your Facebook or LinkedIn page. The same goes for your website and blog. This is also a free way of announcing that you are looking for employees. Last but most certainly not least, look for remote job boards where you can post the ad. While these do cost a bit, they might be worth it seeing as how they specialize in finding remote workers for companies. Look into websites such as Upwork and We Work Remotely.


Hold several interviews with the potential candidates

You can use their CV as a tool to help you narrow down the choices, but do keep in mind that people sometimes embellish their skills and achievements. So, to see what they can actually do, create some tests that will allow you to check how skilled they are and how they can deal with certain situations.

Going forward, you should conduct an interview or a few with the potential candidates. Just because they are remote workers, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t meet. If they are from your city, you can organize a face-to-face interview, and if you can’t meet in person because they live far, you can hop on Skype and have a conversation. Talking to them will help you decide if they are the right fit for your company.


Provide them with useful benefits

Once you’ve found the right people to work with, you need to devote the same attention to retaining them. Start by recommending or providing them with the best tools for the job. Look for the most efficient ways of communicating and sharing important information. Ensure they are aware of what is expected of them as miscommunication and misinterpretation of directions can be some of the biggest issues in the digital workplace.

Aside from the best tools for the job, they also need to feel needed and respected. So, ask them for feedback on a regular basis and see whether they need some help or maybe a mentor. Also, be clear when you tell them about their performance and whether you are satisfied with how they are doing. Finally, you need to provide your remote workers with competitive pay and benefits, such as offering flexibility and working on their education and development. Recognize their achievements and reward them, and if your company offers promotions, don’t overlook them.


To find the right remote employees for your company, you need to work on your reputation in order to catch their eye. Furthermore, it’s essential to create an interesting job ad and look in the right place. Lastly, after you’ve hired them, make sure you ask for and give them feedback as well as provide them with benefits that will convince them to stay with you.