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How Weedsies Links Consumers to the CBD and Hemp Industry



The CBD and hemp industries are steadily growing. The products they provide are popular with a large number of people seeking alternative treatment for various health problems. Still, CBD and hemp vendors, distributors, and dispensaries face difficulties in reaching more consumers due to current state and federal laws prohibiting the sales of their products across state lines. The COVID-19 pandemic has also made it necessary for various businesses to transition to online operations, complicating the distributors’ situation even further. To address this lack of connection between distributors and users, Weedsies offers its online marketplace as a solution.

Weedsies is an online marketplace exclusively for the CBD and hemp industry. The company aims to close the gap between patients, consumers, clinics, and vendors through creating a unique user experience tailored for each customer and the state where they reside. Weedsies show their customers the products legal in their states, which are sold by local dispensaries and shops. This structure ensures that all parties comply with federal laws. Users can purchase products at Weedsies with credit cards if legally allowed, with cryptocurrency, and even cash online. Customers can choose from a wide range of products, such as CBD creams or gels, hemp cigarettes, cannabis, and edibles, as well as accessories and supplies like rolling paper and grinders. Weedsies vet all vendors who use their platform, ensuring that all licenses are up to date and all products comply with regulations. 

For the vendors, distributors, and dispensaries looking to start selling their products online, Weedsies can make it easier for them to reach customers. The company is quickly picking up a loyal following. Weedsies verifies the users’ identity and legal age for the vendors, thus protecting the distributors who sell on their platform.

Because Weedsies combines the CBD, hemp, and cannabis industries into one place, the industry has a chance to be less scattered. This unity will ultimately help the industry grow and make its way to be accepted by the federal government. The company’s founder, Henry Calix, is proud of what he has accomplished with Weedsies, sharing, “We have been able to solve the challenges the industry is currently having due to regulation and differing laws per state.  Weedsies is here to bring those three fields together.”

Weedsies has innovated the way the CBD and hemp industry operates. This company has brought together different areas of the industry to cater to a larger group of people. Their system for ensuring compliance with state and federal laws has influenced how they tailor every consumer’s unique experience. Weedsies has made it easier for people to access their favorite CBD, cannabis, and hemp products.

Weedsies founder Henry Calix says, “Weedsies is an online marketplace unlike any other. The combination of various products from across the industry is not seen on any other platform. This growing company is rapidly becoming the leading source of connecting patients, consumers, clinics, distributors, and dispensaries in each state. We are closing the circle and creating a unified online experience. We are setting the standards for how the industry can operate now and in the future.”

To learn more about Weedsies, you may visit their website.

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