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“I Want To Know Your Story” Touches Lives With Heartfelt Interviews



Words are more than just a single and distinct meaningful element of speech. Whether they are written, spoken, or acted out, words are compelling enough to spark emotions and ignite change. Taking heed of the cathartic power of words, Leslie Grodin, the host of “I Want To Know Your Story,” gathers heartfelt and thought-provoking life stories by conducting interviews with people from all walks of life. 

While some individuals do not pay much attention to how they are using their words, Leslie Grodin is aware of how they can be a powerful tool in creating a difference and making the world a better place. Time and again, this visionary has witnessed how the stories that people tell can heal, hurt, dishearten, encourage, and many more. 

In her channel, Leslie Grodin meticulously amplifies striking words that are sure to touch the hearts of viewers, listeners, and other spectators, especially those who are going through the same experiences as those of the ones being interviewed. With over 63 videos on YouTube, the said platform has become a socially conscious movement that combines the passion for storytelling with the beauty of life. 

“I Want To Know Your Story” is an online platform consisting of interviews done by Leslie Grodin who started uploading her outputs on her YouTube channel a year and a half ago. Since then, it has always been Leslie’s goal to build a world with less judgment and more empathy, compassion, and kindness. By sharing real-life stories, she believes that people would get a glimpse of how others are living their lives and realize that they are not alone in their struggles.

Leslie Grodin shared that her online community was built on the idea that hearing other people’s stories would allow one to be more understanding. Through this community, individuals from across the globe can establish deep-rooted connections and tight-knit bonds. What started as a passion project around a year ago has now become a revolutionary movement. 

When asked about what keeps her going, Leslie Grodin said that the compliments she gets from her viewers play an important role in her endeavors. Nothing makes her feel more alive than having people tell her that they appreciate watching her videos and that her channel is a brilliant idea. Even those who got interviewed are saying that Leslie’s approach is different and that her interview style is an enjoyable experience.

“I Want To Know Your Story” runs on profound words that make up heartfelt experiences. According to Leslie Grodin, these stories are the foundation of everything she does and they have helped her establish the values she earnestly lives by. It is then her goal to inspire viewers with the interviews she conducts and have them make an impact on their lives. 

Determined to transform more lives and inspire more souls, Leslie Grodin hopes to expand her reach and have people’s touching stories heard by as many individuals as possible. In the coming years, she wishes to dive deeper into topics that matter and give a platform to those who have beautiful and moving tales to tell. As she continues to take the reins of her channel, she encourages others to see life in a more positive light.

To know more about “I Want To Know Your Story,” you may subscribe to its YouTube channel or follow it on Instagram.

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