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iHR Buddy Welcomes New Virtual Assistants To Help Entrepreneurs Avoid Burnout While Boosting Revenue



iHR Buddy, a company that specializes in providing virtual assistants to people and businesses around the world, is welcoming new members to its quickly growing team that is helping entrepreneurs boost their revenue while avoiding the all-dreaded burnout.

And it’s not just a professional quest for the company’s owner Kenn Collier, but also a personal one – his own story is own where he experienced firsthand the stress of how a sudden change in circumstances can bring a business crashing down without the right support system in place. iHR Buddy takes lessons that Collier learned, and helps a growing roster of grateful clients thrive online. 

Virtual assistants are people working in remote locations who can handle almost any work, whether that’s scheduling, customer care, and retention, social media management, scheduling, and much more.

“We have inquiries from all types of clients who are interested in learning how they can use virtual staffing to save time and resources,” says Collier. “You can have multiple virtual assistants, giving your unlimited opportunities to create the most effective team possible. Business leaders can easily free up their time by outsourcing a lot of work to our experts.”

iHR Buddy offers all potential clients a free one-on-one consultation to identify which aspects of someone’s life or business could benefit from the use of a virtual assistant. Armed with that information, iHR Buddy then creates a shortlist of candidates from its roster for the client to interview, and provides constant support through to the final selection and beyond.

The company is proving to be vital for people that have started to work more online since the coronavirus pandemic, including entrepreneurs, teachers, those with online coaching programs, and high-income business owners who are looking to gain more freedom from the day-to-day operations of their business through virtual assistance.

Applying valuable life lessons

Prior to launching iHR Buddy five years ago, Collier owned a successful credit repair business and handled more than 600 clients. “My business was at its peak and ready to scale, but I didn’t have a team and system in place,” he wrote in a recent blog post.

Tragically, his son’s mother passed away and the stress of handling grief and being a single father led to Collier being burnt out, eventually giving up on the credit business and selling it.

From then on, I promised myself that when I started a new business again, I wouldn’t do it without having a team and system in place. What’s surprising is that many entrepreneurs I met on my journey encountered the same experience that I did,” he says. “And that gave me the inspiration to launch a virtual staffing company, where the support an entrepreneur needs is always available, no matter the scope of their need or where in the world they’re located.”

Collier made it his personal mission to help high-level entrepreneurs like himself gain more time and freedom and scale their businesses by hiring, training, and managing their virtual assistants. 

“Running your own business is no walk in the park, and you are always prone to burnout every year. If done wrong, you’ll break down in a matter of time,” he says.Hiring a virtual assistant could save the day for you and your business.”

Virtual assistants in demand

Using a virtual assistant is something that’s set to become even higher in demand in the coming months and years, Collier said, as more people realize the cost savings that can be made.

The diverse roster of virtual assistants includes recently new hire Mae Rubinos, who is based in the Philippines but can offer her first-rate support work almost anywhere in the world. She highlighted how the company offers ongoing training to enhance the assistance offered.

“With the training that they provided I’ve learned to become a more effective virtual assistant, including better time management and finishing tasks for clients ahead of schedule,” Rubinos said in a video on iHR Buddy’s website, which is routinely updated with new information.

The website includes a blog page where visitors can find a constant flow of articles that detail the potential advantages of using a virtual assistant, ranging from how the support can help a company to survive a potential unforeseen crisis to how to handle vacation requests from virtual assistants, and from top tips for hiring to teamwork and other topics.

“Anything you need to be done can always be outsourced to save you more time, achieve greater productivity and make operations more efficient,” says Collier. “You can find someone from our team with expertise in an area to help improve your company, whatever the need.”

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