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In conversation with Jason Feifer, Editor-In-Chief of Entrepreneur Magazine



Jason Feifer

Mr. Nice Guy. That is what everyone lovingly calls Jason Feifer. He is the Editor-In-Chief of ‘Entrepreneur magazine’ which is one of the most awesome (it is also a personal favorite, along with with Forbes) magazines in the world today with millions of millions of people deriving inspiration from it.

So, I sat down with Jason Feifer to seek the secret recipe for success. Here is how it all went:

Vanky: You are the Editor-in-Chief of one of the most amazing magazines in the world viz.’ Entrepreneur’, Which core principles do you believe have made this immense success possible?

Jason: A focus on skillsets. At every stage of my career, I was conscious of what I didn’t know, and what I needed to learn, in order to become a more valuable and versatile worker. I took jobs, not because of their subject matter—for example, I worked at Men’s Health even though I wasn’t interested in health—but because of what skills they could teach me. This enabled me to build the skills necessary to step into a role this complex.

Vanky: Jason Sir, Talking about principles, I know you respond to almost every single message you receive from your fans, supporters and others who want to learn from you. Could you please take us through the thought process behind this?

Jason: It’s simple: I believe that, more than anything else, people want to feel heard. And if you want something from people, you first have to understand and then give them what they want. Here’s what I want: I want an audience. I want people to listen, read, and engage with my work, and I want them to share my work as well. To do that, they need to trust and value me—and I know that the simplest way I can do that is to engage with them because that direct connection is what they want. Also, frankly, it helps me do my job better: When I’m hearing directly from entrepreneurs, I’m able to better understand what resonates with them and how I can do a better job reaching them.

Vanky: You host two podcasts ‘Problem Solvers’ and ‘Pessimists Archive’.Could you please share some insights about them and also your thoughts on ‘How important are podcasts in the world today?’

Jason: Podcasting is, to me, the most exciting medium available today. It’s new, it’s full of experimentation, and listeners feel a direct and very intimate connection to the host of a show. I love producing these two shows, but to be honest with you, there are another three or four shows I’d launch right now if I had the time. It’s just such a fun field.

Vanky: How do you believe youngsters who are perplexed about what they want to do with their life, find their real calling?

Jason: That’s a really big question, and I couldn’t possibly offer a meaningful response for every young person. But I think the most important thing any young person can do is this: Do. Go out and do things. Try things. Experiment. I think a lot of people sit on the sidelines trying to figure out what they want to do—but it’s very hard to make a decision while you’re not experiencing anything new. Interested in podcasts? Launch a podcast. Interested in computer engineering? Take a class. Do, do, do, do, do.

Vanky: What 3-5 things to do you strongly believe make a successful entrepreneur?

Jason: They’re not afraid of change, they’re analytical, and they’re life-long learners.

I hope you enjoyed the interview as much as I did interview this amazing professional and more importantly an even more amazing human being. He is simply amazing and I seriously can’t find any adjectives to do justice to his work and accomplishments.

Also, Jason Feifer and Jennifer Miller’s latest book is out now. I am going to make sure I read it and am sure that you would love it too.

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Vanky Kenny Kataria is a 23 year old motivational speaker and personal brand consultant. He's a two time Tedx speaker and has been featured in publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Huffington Post, IdeaMensch, Reader's Digest, MSN,etc and in books like '30&Under'. 'PeopleMaven' named him one of the Top 13 Emerging Communication Skills Coaches from around the world and has also been awarded with the prestigious 'Radio Mirchi's Youth Icon' of Nashik. He has keynoted at conferences such as the 'Coca Cola Youth Speak Forum' held at Nashik, 2017 and is also the brand ambassador of India for 'Host Your Voice'. He's also a contributor to international publications like Thrive Global, KivoDaily, Better Days Global and others.