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Information About The Blue World City Sports Valley Block



Blue World City Sports Valley Block

Everyone knows Blue World City’s name in the real estate market. There are many blocks available in the society featuring unique amenities and facilities. Among these blocks is an addition named Blue World City Sports Valley Block. The sports valley of the Blue World City is added to the master plan for a specific reason. The developers want to develop the society on international standards to improve tourism in the country. So, they are introducing such blocks in the community. 

Blue World City Sports Valley Block

The article aims to provide information about the Blue World City Sports Valley Block. We will try our best to explain everything about this addition to society. But first of all, we will explain the purpose of developing this society. The main vision behind the development of Blue World City is to promote tourism in the country. Therefore, the developers have defined this society as a purpose-built tourist city. 

It is the reason the developers have introduced the general block overseas block, Awami block, and waterfront district, and now they come with the sports valley block. The purpose of developing the sports valley block is to promote tourism in the country. So, it is common that just by developing the sports valley, tourism in society will not increase. To boost tourism, the developers are introducing world-class facilities and amenities. 

What are they doing to make the sports valley more demanding and investors’ top choice? Let’s get to know about their development work in detail:

Sports Valley Location

The first thing that hits the mind is the location of the sports valley block. The great achievement of the developers is that they have set the location of this project in the Blue World City. As the venture is already popular, I think it is obvious that the Sports Valley location is not a matter of concern. You can invest in it with the belief that you will get a high return on your investment. 

LSC is ideally present on the Main Chakri Road, which is also accessible from the main localities. In society, it is easy to reach anywhere with ease without getting stuck anywhere. In addition, you cannot only go anywhere in society with ease, but the location of the society also enables you to enjoy the luxuries of the main attractions in the block.

Developers And Owners

As we know, the sports valley block is in BWC, so it is obvious who the developers and owners of this block are. The Blue Group of companies is a well-recognized name in the real estate market, and no one is unaware of them. The popularity of developers is increasing over time because they are authentic and do work with great dedication. They want to build world-class tourist attractions and structures in the country so that tourism in Pakistan can boost.

Moreover, they are working with an international developing company, Shah Jian engineering company, in China. The purpose of signing the contract with the Chinese company is that the society can be built on international standards with all the luxurious facilities and state-of-the-art structures. So, blue world city sports valley developers want to make this block the best in all aspects. 

No Objection Certificate (NOC)

One of the essential concerns of the general public is the No Objection Certificate, also known as NOC. It is one of the most significant documents that matter not only to the investors but also to the project owners. It is the reason that the NOC of any upcoming and developing project shows that it is a valid, authentic, and legal project. 

In addition, the developers can now commence any legal activity in the project. Blue Group of companies has also gotten the blue world city sports valley NOC approval. This means that the investors do not need to worry about the project’s authenticity and their investments. Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) is the regulatory body responsible for the issue of legal documents to the parties requesting them in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. 

Blue World City Sports Valley Facilities

The last important thing we will discuss in the sports valley block is the availability of essential facilities and amenities in this block. We all know Blue World City will feature world-class infrastructure with high-end facilities, so what will be different in the sports valley block? There would be many different things in the sports valley, such as developing a cricket stadium, Villaggio mall, a torch hotel, and many more.
Moreover, blue world city sports valley facilities enable you to enjoy the luxuries of life in a single place at reasonable prices. 

  • Torch Hotel
  • Largest Cricket Stadium
  • Villaggio Mall
  • Open air gymnasiums
  • Commercial hubs
  • Hockey Field

These are some most prominent features of the sports valley block. If you also want to enjoy all these facilities, you can do it without worrying. Various commercial and residential plots are included in the master plan of the sports valley, which offers the chance for an easy and affordable investment. In addition, the developers have set reasonable payment and installment plans. due to which one can easily afford a plot in the society or the sports valley block.

Why Invest In It?

The most common question of many investors is why they need to invest in a sports valley block. So, I thought after reading this article you have got the answer to your question about why you should invest in Blue World City Sports Valley. Your investments in this block are safe, and you can also get high profits on your investments in the future. So, for us, it is the biggest reason to invest in any project. 


You can find all the information about the Blue World City Sports Valley Block and Rudn Enclave in the article. Although, we do not dig into the master plan and payment plan details, as you can get that information from real estate agents such as Sapphire Properties. The basic information essential to make up your mind is already available in the article.