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Bas Grund (18) Young Entrepreneur



Bas Grund (18) Young Entrepreneur


Entrepreneur Bas Grund knows. Since he was 15, Bas has always been busy doing business. In 2015, entrepreneurship started with a clothing line for a sport that Bas Grund did at the time (Calisthenics). However, this was not a success after months of work, this has become nothing, but Bas has learned a lot about how to start a business.

Bas made quite a lot of Instagram & LinkedIn connections during this project. That made Bas think “Maybe there is a market here too” in 2016, the Online Marketing world started to mature a bit. In that period, a huge number of online marketing companies started including Bas Grund! He started Wire Marketing with this company Bas ensures that companies grow bizarre fast through Google Ads & Social Media.

For many people, this sounded strange that you are investing money in Google and Social media. Anno 2020, that is indispensable. “We have grown businesses with 50,000 to 100,000 euros in sales in less than a year’s time” incredible figures when you see this.

Bas Grund also says “As an entrepreneur, you have to invest in innovation, you go ahead. If you don’t do that, you will end up where V&D is now. ”The quote from Wire Marketing is, therefore“ Being present at the right moments when your customer needs you. We ensure that we reach your customers in an effective way at the right time and in the right way. ”

Since 2019, Bas has studied Artificial Intelligence & Space Travel. Bas has obtained various certificates for this from the ESA and has attended the Space Up Academy in Bremen. There were workshops about space travel. Bas Grund also does assignments such as Solver from Nasa. These are various commands such as how do you use AI in space or how do you ensure that space junk does not hit satellites.

Bas Grund Plastic Free Food started this in 2018, making Bas Grund Restaurants and Hotels Plastic-free and sustainable! By replacing their current non-sustainable products with sustainable products. This company is there to help companies (Hotels & Restaurants) to become more sustainable.

Bas Grund will start a company in AI-DP-ML in 2020 – what this is going to be, Bas doesn’t want to say anything about it, but evolutionary it is certainly confirmed, Bas Grund.