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Techniques To Renew Your Site Without Considering Brand Redesign



Techniques To Renew Your Site Without Considering Brand Redesign

Brand redesign is an important decision for any company and many of them even fear the word “redesign.” This is mainly because the brand is used to connect with the user and generate a reminder. For this reason, it is not common to see a brand redesign where the logo and representative colors are completely changed – often only slight changes are made.

If you have noticed that your brand makes touch up, there are ways to achieve it without considering the brand redesign. Here are some strategies you can use to make your brand look completely renewed on your website with the help of a top web development company.

Create a story

To be able to design a brand, you don’t just need a logo and a website where a service or product is promoted. It is necessary to be clear about the values of the brand and its target audience. It is also important to determine the vision and mission as these two can help you create a story for your brand.

Creating a story for the brand is one of the most effective resources you can count on to connect with the target audience and win customers. So before starting a redesign, ask yourself what the history of the brand is and how you could convey that message to your customers through your website.

You may find that you do have a story to tell, but you have not used all the resources at your disposal. So it is not necessary to create a video to tell a story. Although a video is one of the most effective means, you can achieve a great impact by using photographs or illustrations and even implementing parallax scrolling to give greater interactivity and make the story more fluid.

Use different images

A photograph could be the solution to have a makeover. Perhaps the photographs you use are no longer suitable for the target audience and you could try to select an image that fits more with the style of your website and tells a more meaningful story to the target audience.

If you have the necessary experience, you can take photographs. If you want to show photos of people or landscapes, you may have to search in image banks.

Perhaps what your photographs need is a new effect such as a filter, black and white images with an accent of color in the text or any other technique that makes the photographs look authentic.

Change the color scheme of your brand

The color, like the images, has a great impact on the emotions of your visitors. If you notice that the color palette of your brand does not fit with its personality, you can select more favorable colors. Depending on the current colors of your brand, there are three main alternatives that you can consider:

Completely change the color palette of your brand. While it is a decision that will surely take you much longer, it can be an appropriate measure if you notice that the current color scheme of your brand does not work as expected.
Use colors in saturated tones. This alternative can be useful when the color scheme is harmonious, but you still feel it is a bit simple or does not stand out as much as you would like.

Change a single color in the existing combination. The vast majority of color palettes in the brand design include 3 or 4 colors, so you can make a slight change by selecting another color for the combination.

Use a new typeface

Just as the color can impact the emotions of your users, the typeface can reinforce the message you want to convey and at the same time, represent the personality of the brand. So changing the font you use could be the solution to update your brand.

You have two options if you decide to change the font:

Select another font that looks more modern. You should keep in mind that this font must be readable. For this, we recommend you select a simple font. Check that it contains all the necessary characters.

Use the same font, but with certain variations. These variations are characteristic of the font, some of the most common are “bold” and “italic”, but there are fonts that include other variations apart from those already mentioned. In certain parts where you want to highlight the text, you can underline it or use any of these variations to capture the attention of your potential customers.

It should be noted that when talking about the font, we only refer to the supporting font and not the one that is part of the logo since this font often has a certain decorative detail. A little color in your fonts can also add the contrast you were looking for.

Incorporate a current trend

Making use of a design trend could be an effective solution to modernize your brand. At present, there are many trends in terms of layout structure, use of photographs, general design, etc. Of course, each of these trends has an occasion where its use is convenient, so we suggest you analyze if the trend of your choice is suitable for your site. For example, minimalism is a trend that is not appropriate for online newspapers because of the large volume of content that these sites have. So if you have an online newspaper, you can rule out minimalism as the tendency to use.

You can use any trend if it adapts to your site and your target audience, in this way, your brand remains current, but you do not put the user experience of your site at risk.

In conclusion

Not only a logo redesign can make the brand feel more modern. Any of the techniques we have mentioned can have a positive impact on the perception of your brand. Sometimes, a complete brand redesign is necessary where the logo is taken into consideration, but before considering this possibility, analyze if you can achieve a remarkable change in the perception of your brand with the mentioned techniques. You can meet with a top website development company to hire web developers to make changes to your website.

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