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Isaiha Fields Unveils a Premiere Talent Agency



It is one thing to possess the talent and quite another for talent to realize its full potential. Just like with precious metals, it requires the right process and knowledgeable hands to properly refine it. One of such people who has developed a keen eye for spotting and harnessing talent is Isaiha Fields.

Isaiha Fields was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio. He is a Talent Manager and the CEO of Time Inc Agency – an emerging talent agency built on entrepreneurship culture. One could describe Isaiha as a multitalented individual, fluent in English and Spanish, with a zest for self-improvement. He has skillfully combined and harnessed the wealth of knowledge from his diverse background into creating his own unique brand.

Initially, Isaiha began foraying into music as a young hip-hop artist in 2008. He was inspired by 50 Cent, Lil Wayne, and even drawing influences from Michael Jackson and Gerald Levert. He spent a couple of years developing his talent in music and learning about the business aspect of music and entertainment. As a teenager, during his time in Tenoroc High School, he got involved in TV Production, screenwriting, television – essentially spending a significant part of high school learning the ins and outs of film-making. This opened the opportunity and fanned to flame his desire to delve into acting and being on screen. Isaiha went from anchoring school news to featuring in theatrical plays, independent/student films and currently working with reputable names in the entertainment industry such as Ray Jr., Logan Kyngston and Warner Bros.

Isaiha majored in Business Administration and minored in Entertainment Studies at Cleveland State University, further adding to his skillset. Not only did he gain an in-depth perspective into marketing, contract law and business structure, but he had the opportunity to study the success stories of seasoned professionals and leading companies in the industry.

Isaiha pooled all his experience and resources and eventually launched his own company, Time Inc Agency (TIA), in 2019, born out of his dream to create a premiere agency built on the culture of entrepreneurship. Time Inc Agency has become a notable name in Entertainment Business with a mission to unite the world with ground-breaking talent. Since its inception, it has guided dozens of emerging gifted Actors, Musicians and Public Speakers in their journey from good to great to phenomenal – outlining a roadmap to their dreams and aspirations.

Time Inc Agency takes pride in its uniqueness and is known for promoting the value of time. Holding the notion that time is the most valuable asset, Isaiha ensures that every client’s time and business are valued and respected during the provision of any service with open, honest, and consistent communication. TIA maintains a strong belief in its clients and the relationship struck with them, a relationship that is driven by respect, a sense of stewardship and a commitment to each talent’s creative journey. The company consults in Business Acceleration, Research and Strategy, Events and Activations, and Talent Acquisitions and Partnerships in entertainment.

“What unites us is an unwavering passion for media and entertainment, for business and the arts. Our vision comes from the work of shaping talent, building careers, and creating success stories by helping clients entertain, inform, and inspire the world.”

Isaiha represents Award-winning acts like Latoy Fowler Aka “Boi Toy” – a Music Artist, Chris “Crisis” Avent – a Host and MC, Hakeem Sharif – an actor, as well as other preeminent acts on the TIA Roster.

In the coming years, Time Inc Agency aims to become a household name and standard for providing outstanding talent representation, public relations and entertainment consulting to entertainers and brands globally. Isaiha hopes to inspire others by helping upcoming talents, working together to shape their skills, build their career and create success.

To learn more about Isaiha Fields and Time Inc Agency, visit the official website or visit his social media pages on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

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