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It’s time to break the routine. Ten (10) habits that can have disastrous results for your business.




I meet so many entrepreneurs who get stuck; they have great products and services and the potential to rake in the money they deserve but they hit a roadblock which keeps them stagnant and unable to move forward.

Most of them are simple things that could be resolved and could mean the difference between making thousands of dollars and literally closing up shop. These are ten of the most common reasons that I’ve noticed that truly keeps persons from taking their business to the next level.

Bad Habit #1:  Thinking social media is the answer to everything.

While it’s a very useful tool, do not get so caught up that you spend all your time replying, commenting and posting. Get out and make real connections in the real world. Look for pr opportunities, speaking engagements, and networking events to meet more people

Bad Habit #2: Refusing to invest in themselves.

You are the most important asset to your company. Developing your skills and talents is a crucial part of the life of your business. Stay abreast of the current trends and developments in your industry and continue to educate yourself. This will keep your head and shoulders above your competition

Bad Habit #3: Refusing to ask for help or take advice.

It is not a sign of weakness to solicit expert advice or assistance in areas that you are unclear about. Take constructive advice from experts in the field to help you in effectively moving forward with your business. Do not confuse this with negativity. Use the information for the benefit of your company.

Bad Habit #4: Not automating their business life.

Technology is all around and there are tools (some free) to help you run your business. Use them to help free up your time to focus on your genius.

Bad Habit #5: Relying 100% on their full-time job.

Having this steady flow of income is great but do not rely on it 100%. Instead, treat your job as a client that has invested money (your salary) into the business. Give them the time and dedication that they deserve. Use the ‘investment’ to build your business and push yourself forward.

Bad Habit #6: Not keeping their word.

The integrity of your business is built on your good name, do not sully it by not keeping your word if you promised to do a job or make a payment.

Bad Habit #7: Back Peddling.

You want to do something, but you’re not sure if you should but you kind of still do. This leaves you with tasks that are only semi-completed or done halfway. You are the decision-maker in your business. Stand firm in your decisions, move forward and make the necessary changes as you progress.

Bad Habit #8: Executing every single idea that pops into their heads.

Not every idea is worth executing. Take the time to do research and see if what you are offering is viable.

Bad Habit #9: Believing that business success is an overnight thing.

It takes a lot of work; early mornings, late nights and sacrifice. Give yourself time to grow and be patient in the process.

Bad Habit #10: Letting their ego run the business.

It’s not about ‘showing off’, ordering staff around or working when you feel like. Don’t get into business just to say you are in business. Do the work if you want to be successful

If you fall into any of these habits, it’s time to break free and I guarantee you will see positive changes in your business. There’s no shame, trust me….we’ve all been there. Just make the commitment to change and you’ll be ok.

For even more of what not to do in business, check out my Insta page; if you’d much prefer a one on one, then schedule your free consultation and hop on a call with me so we can get you moving in the right direction.

Carla Williams Johnson is a Media Marketing Specialist based in Trinidad & Tobago. She considers herself an advocate for business men and women who are desirous of promoting themselves by offering sound, unbiased advice focusing mainly on online and offline approaches to boosting visibility and the creation of practical marketing campaigns designed to increase revenue. She believes that every business owner and entrepreneur deserves honest, reliable guidance in promoting their business in the real world, thus reinforcing their confidence and clarifying their vision as they move forward in their journey