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Jaime Manteiga Replaces Traditional Business Cards with a Groundbreaking Product



This present generation is enjoying the numerous benefits of smartphones, smart homes, and smart cars; and entrepreneur Jaime Manteiga is adding smart technology to the list that replaces traditional business cards: the TapTok card. This groundbreaking creation allows the user to transfer his contact details with a single tap on a device that is NFC-ready: no more business card exchanges and no more repeated printing. Users can now enjoy a touch-free alternative that only requires a one-time payment. 

Jaime Manteiga and his team of designers and developers purposely designed the TapTok card to be eco-friendly by choosing to use recycled materials instead of those that are considered hazardous to the environment. Unlike the production of traditional business cards that involves utilizing trees, the TapTok card can be used repeatedly in one lifetime. Unknown to many, 88% of business cards, unfortunately, end up in trash cans. The TapTok card is making it a lot easier for users to establish a connection, whether for business or personal use. 

Late last year, while reading iOS updates for 2019, Jaime Manteiga realized that Apple made significant improvements using the NFC technology, a tool widely used to make wireless payments. What was new, however, was that the technology enables Apple users to read general protocols such as a website without having to download an application to make it run. Manteiga saw potential right away.

The Cuban-American entrepreneur immediately got in touch with his team made up of designers and developers, as well as a couple of close manufacturers, and started working on a prototype. The prototype went through a rigorous set of tests and improvements before Jaime Manteiga was convinced it was ready to be introduced to some close friends and entrepreneurs. The TapTok card and its many contributions were easily received by Manteiga’s initial audience. 

After its release a month and a half ago, the TapTok card is now experiencing exponential growth as it continues to generate five-figure revenues. More and more people are seeing the many advantages of owning a TapTok card, and it is only a matter of time before the rest of the country, and the world takes notice of it. As an added security feature, Jaime Manteiga made sure to include a built-in bank-level security standard just in case the card is lost or stolen. The card can be locked, and no one else can modify its contents except for the original owner.

With his current product, Jaime Manteiga is leaving another mark in the tech industry. Aside from owning TapTok Inc., he also founded Venkon Corp., a cybersecurity firm. The 30-year-old creative is a member of the International Forbes Technology Council and the Young Entrepreneurs Council. He is also an active multi-benefit marathon runner. 

In the next couple of years, Jaime Manteiga envisions completely eradicating the use of traditional business cards. By replacing it with the TapTok card, he has successfully introduced a new way of doing business and building one’s network. 

Find out more about TapTok Inc. and Jaime Manteiga by visiting this website. Follow the company’s Instagram and Facebook accounts for additional details.

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