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Joe Borzacchiello is Giving Tech a Personal Touch



Joe Borzacchiello started his company out of personal experience and understanding of the industry. As the founder, owner, and managing director of Line & Circle, a design technology company, Joe and his team do Reality Capture, Laser scanning, and drafting/modeling, among other high tech and data intensive services in Arizona. He launched the business because of his own desire and need to streamline processes and make them more efficient.

At the young age of 17, Joe got his first drafting job as a mechanical and electrical engineer. The obvious choice seemed to be a degree in architecture or engineering. However, Joe quickly realized that it wasn’t the path for him.. Instead, he determined that the best pathway for him was to jump right into the industry and take part in the design technology instead of the building design. 

Now, over two decades later, Joe’s specializes in a niche that utilizes technology and data to not only increase productivity, efficiency, and accuracy through Line & Circle’s Reality Capture, 3D laser scanning, building information modeling (BIM), Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), and other technological services, he and his team are significantly advancing the architecture, engineering and construction industries.

As Joe describes his role, “I wanted to trim all the fat that I saw in the other business that I worked with and cater directly to the clients for their needs. I like doing design but my niche is analyzing and designing the methods, looking at processes and determining what’s important to the project and the most efficient and accurate path from A to B.” Joe further explains, “We’ve been involved from the early stages of Reality Capture and 3D laser scanning and have experience and understanding of the entirety of the process, not just the laser scanning.”

Joe has been involved in Drafting, 3D modeling and Reality Capture since the very early days of the technology. Early on, the new technology was not as cost efficient and didn’t make sense to use, especially for small and mid-sized projects. Today, he works with architecture and engineering firms of various sizes and for many projects focused on the AEC Industry. However, with Joe’s expertise, he’s able to utilize the technology for countless other applications and industries. In fact, he sees infinite opportunities for companies and individuals to work with Line & Circle to improve and advance their own services and projects.

While Line & Circle is leading the way technologically, what truly sets Joe and his team apart from other companies isn’t just their vast experience and in depth knowledge. For Joe, it’s the personal relationships, the integrity and transparency, that make a genuine difference. As he puts it, “We take a really hands-on approach with each client. Every project and every client is completely different and we understand their needs.” Along with that understanding, the Line & Circle team go above and beyond for all their clients. Put simply, “Short of sealing or stamping drawings, there’s not much we cannot do. If a client needs something done, we’ll take care of it. From the beginning to the end of the project, we can jump in and assist with any steps of the process, on demand and where you need us.” Now that’s the personal touch that no amount of technology can replace.

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Business Name: Line & Circle
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