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John Hayes and His Positive Impact to the Youth



With the number of problematic teens and young adults on the rise, parents and professionals have rigorously looked for ways to alleviate the youth’s pains and sufferings.

Because of the magnified self-evaluation that teenagers and young adults experience, it becomes problematic once their actual self is too far from the ideal. We often find teenagers getting depressed, and the numbers increase each waking day. Fortunately, some acknowledge the problem and attempt to become better. Some go and see therapists, while others keep themselves busy by doing meaningful activities. In the pursuit of making the world a better place for the youth, John Hayes developed a program that provides a healthy and pleasant atmosphere for those that seek a brighter outlook in life.

As a motivational speaker, John is geared towards providing people reasons that make life worth living. John, also known as Johnny Positive, thought it best to materialize his vision and turn it to something that is worthwhile for the youth. He believed that by developing a program for them, it would help them remove their woes away. With a master’s degree in Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology and Positive Coaching, John formulated the program according to the needs of the youth today. It is interesting to know how his motivation started years ago, with a gymnastics club called Cartwheels.

Along with his wife, the birth of Cartwheels goes back to 2010 with John, who just returned from Iraq. Because of his personal experience of dread and fear, and how he survived from it all, John wanted people to also see the same rainbow he saw after a horrific hurricane. He and his wife especially wanted to provide a safe place for kids to do sports with a supportive atmosphere. With this powerful message carried by the club, he had 75 kids enrolled in their program in just three months. When they moved to another gym in Murrieta, California, their enrollees swelled up to 400 gymnasts, with a diversified population aged from 16 months to 18 years. They expanded, and the number of gymnasts has reached to over 1,100 enrollees per week.

John and Kristine’s success with Cartwheels started a myriad of careers for Johnny Positive. When he sold Cartwheels to another believer last year, he did not stop his dream of providing safe spaces for the youth. Instead of his ideas being materialized in a place like Cartwheels, he became and embodied what the gym represented. He believes that for him to reach more people, he has to go beyond the gymnasts’ population. That is how he became Johnny Positive – a resilience and positive psychology coach who teaches people that there is no time for pain.

John wishes to create ripples of meaningful change in how the youth adapted to the ever-changing and demanding world. He hopes that with the formulation of his program and its success, it would bring enough impact to make the world a better place.

If you want to know more about Johnny Positive, visit his website here.

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