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Jon Purkey Brings Fitness Goals to Life as He Takes Over the Virtual Personal Training Industry



Taking the virtual personal training industry by storm today is rising fitness coach Jon Purkey. Through personalized, high-quality personal training sessions, he and his team of fitness professionals are determined to bring their clients’ fitness goals to life, with or without training equipment, while allowing them to enjoy the comfort of staying at home. 

Jonathan “Jon” Purkey is a quickly-rising personal trainer, fitness coach, and entrepreneur. With over 11 years of experience as a personal trainer and eight years as a physical education instructor, Jon Purkey has been at the forefront of turning fitness goals into realities. His decision to go full-time in personal training, however, began only in 2016. Since then, Purkey’s personal training has grown into a team of five professional personal trainers carefully selected to provide high-quality fitness training services. Seeing a gap in the industry and the need for personal training without having to step into the gym, Jon Purkey decided to step in and close the gap by providing the needed services at the highest quality possible.

At present, Purkey’s Personal Training provides online, virtual, and in-home fitness training, coaching, and programming for people throughout the United States. While the in-home services are currently only available in the Detroit area, the fitness coach is looking to expand their reach and provide in-home services to other places soon. For Jon Purkey, the ultimate goal is to “deliver high quality personal training to clients without them having to leave their homes.” With that said, all training sessions are efficiently done through applications such as Zoom or FaceTime. 

Purkey’s Personal Training takes pride in not limiting its training services to clients with personal training equipment. While many people today own workout equipment at home, Jon Purkey is determined to provide more inclusive services that will cater to even those who have no equipment at all. Hence, clients with no equipment will receive equipment-free training sessions carefully curated to be just as effective and efficient as equipment-based workout routines.

Jon Purkey and his team are, indeed, taking the lead in the virtual personal training industry today. Each trainer’s charismatic personality and their unmatched determination to provide the best workout routines tailor-fit for the different needs of each client keep them at the forefront. On top of the high-quality training services the company offers, Purkey’s Personal Training also ensures premium customer service allowing the team to establish solid connections and more productive trainer-trainee relationships with their clients.

Today, Purkey’s Personal Training manages clients from all over the country. However, Jon Purkey has a much bigger vision in store for his team and company as he plans to expand their services to clients from different countries. For Jon, it is a priceless and gratifying experience to be able to help busy professionals and clients who have no time to visit the gym bring their fitness goals into reality at the comfort of their homes. 

To know more about Jon Purkey and Purkey’s Personal Training services, you may check out their official website.

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