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Juliet Obodo Rose From the Ashes of Burnout and Is Helping People Get Through the Same Problem



In every field of business, stress is an inevitable certainty. While hard work may be rewarded with profit, among other rewards, burnout is often bound to happen at some point. This was a lesson that Juliet Obodo learned as she ran two six-figure businesses.

Juliet hailed from New York City and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey. She followed up her studies with tech sales instead of medical school for Psychiatry. 

She would later work in the corporate world with her career spanning over ten years. Juliet would later leave so she could run her own design agency as well as a business funding startup called The Chic Collective and Central Payment. She managed to run both simultaneously and eventually succeeded in turning them into six-figure businesses.

It’s stressful enough, running one six-figure business, but to manage two was rewarding and a show of Juliet’s perseverance. However, burnout caught up to her. Like every other business owner, she experienced physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. Juliet decided to search for a cure and stumbled on neuro-linguistic programming and hypnosis, something she had earlier studied in college.

Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) is often used as a method of personal development. It helps patients promote skills through self-reflection, confidence, and communication. It was a perfect solution for Juliet as it improved productivity. From her experience, she would begin to coach other business owners who were experiencing similar stress. 

Juliet felt that she could do so much more. Her desire to make more impactful transformations led her to pursue certification as a Master Hypnotherapist & NLP Practitioner. She studied for her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, her studies focusing mostly on Ancestral Trauma.

She would later start the FWRD Institute to help personal and professional development programs for individuals and startups. There, Juliet developed methods of hypnosis designed specifically for overthinkers. By turning their habit of overthinking into their superpower, Juliet’s clients can tap into the power of their subconscious minds to hit their individual or team goals.

They offer a program called Get Your Mind Right, which is meant for entrepreneurs, professionals, or even students dealing with a lack of motivation, winter blues, or imposter syndrome. In the program, they undergo a two-hour session that helps them identify what it is that’s stopping them from reaching their next level of success. Together, they go through the process of removing the block and resetting their subconscious, so they are free to move forward.

Thanks to Juliet and FWRD Institute, clients from all occupations have been able to go through their inner turmoils. Celebrity clients have been able to get new roles and find new opportunities by beating addiction and depression.

She is looking forward to helping especially younger clients, millennials in leadership roles who are aware that they have true potential, which hasn’t been unlocked yet. Knowing that the next generation is the future of the world, Juliet does everything she can to help them avoid the health pitfalls that those before them went through.

To know more, you may visit Juliet’s website. She is also available through LinkedIn.

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