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Karrell Maurice Rogers Braves the Music Industry to Pursue His Dream Despite His Disabilities



Karrell Maurice Rogers is living proof that physical frailty need not be a hindrance in achieving a dream. Despite the expected difficulties of his condition, he worked hard to prove that he is more than able to function like any other human being and has effectively channeled his creativity and passion into songwriting and producing music.

Being born with type two grand mal seizure is quite a challenge for anyone. While inside his mother’s womb, his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck for about two weeks, prompting physicians to do an emergency cesarean section on his mother. It was a miracle that he was born alive. Later in life, Karrell Maurice Rogers was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Aside from this, he also developed diabetes. Managing all these conditions can be very exhausting and frustrating for most people, but instead for complaining, Karrell is pushing himself to be the best version of himself. 

He established his own brand, LowLyfe7Filmz, an avenue for him to practice his art form and perfect his craft using different musical genres. He is doing collaborations with some up-and-coming artists in the music industry to produce some of the most exciting pieces. Overall, he is constantly in a state of improving himself while he manages his physical disabilities. 

Despite what many people think about his mental health and physical challenges, Karrell Maurice Rogers remains determined to achieve his personal success both as a businessman, music artist, and as father. For him, life is too short to be mindful of how others criticize him. He would rather focus all his energy and time on creating something extraordinary and show everyone that someone like him can excel in the music industry, just like any other person who is willing to work hard to make it happen. 

In the future, he envisions his son enjoying a normal and meaningful life despite his autism. With the proper support, guidance, and therapy, he believes that his son can also achieve great feats in the future. Sending the message that people with disabilities can still be productive entrepreneurs and students is a powerful and liberating revelation for many families who struggle with their children’s disabilities. Karrell Maurice Rogers is living proof that good things can still come out of seemingly bad situations. 

Additionally, he aspires to develop a company that is designed to cater to the needs of families who have specially abled members in their household. He wants the organization to be open to anyone regardless of their race, faith, and cultural background. Ultimately, it will help people like him manage their conditions better by getting the kind of support they need. 

Building a strong family is also something that he looks forward to having in the future. Secondary to this, he wants to be recognized by Forbes for his remarkable work as an artist and entrepreneur. His positive attributes, paired with his determination to work hard, guarantee that he will one day earn respect and recognition he deserves. 

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