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Karrell Maurice Rogers Inspires Aspiring Musicians With His Story of Survival and Success



It is easy to jump to the conclusion that the path powerhouses followed toward the summit of their industries must have been smooth and paved with nothing but success-enabling stepping stones. Countless people, who have been dealt with a lousy hand, hold on to this particular belief and remain constrained by the limiting assertion that they are not destined for greatness. However, Karrell Maurice Rogers, an emerging household name in the music industry, proves a testament to the fact that an individual’s past and the challenges that may have hindered them from translating their dreams into reality do not determine the trajectory of their future. Through his inspiring story, he highlights the importance of persevering and possessing a clear vision of what one wants to achieve to make it anywhere.

Hailing from Bristol, Pennsylvania, Karrell Maurice Rogers, also known as LowLyfe7Filmz and LowLyfe SevenFilmz, is intimately privy to hardships. Unfortunately born with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck for two weeks, his birth was delayed, and his mother had to get an emergency C-section to ensure he lives. Additionally, this survivor was diagnosed with type two Gran mal seizures from the get-go and had to contend with diabetes and various mental health issues, such as schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder, years down the road. 

The ordeals that the purpose-driven artist had to deal with weren’t limited to medical issues. In 2003, Karrell Maurice Rogers and his godbrother were falsely accused of first and second-degree armed robbery. Back then, he was only thirteen years old and had to stay in a house of corrections before getting released once his polygraph results backed up his innocence.

Today, armed with a story of resilience and overcoming, Karrell Maurice Rogers is serving as a beacon of hope for others who are in the same boat as he was. Going all-out in securing a spot in the music industry, he will pull out all the stops to provide for his son, who was born with autism. In addition, although his current situation is not as smooth-sailing as he wanted it to be, having refused an offer by Bentley Records because of his disabilities, he is set to achieve great heights after rising through the ranks within the music scene.

In recognition of the number of dreamers aiming to make a name for themselves while pursuing their passion, Karrell Maurice Rogers is guiding aspirants toward the forefront of the music realm through his numerous initiatives. He is also making music that is bound to capture the attention of listeners worldwide and propel him to the limelight, solidifying the quality of his discography.

Karrell Maurice Rogers wishes to take center stage as a multi-faceted artist and an icon of dedication and grit in the coming years. Above anything else, he aims to capitalize on his growing influence and the achievements he has obtained to start a company designed to help adults and children with autism and those with schizoaffective disorder and epilepsy. 

Regardless of the nature of his future endeavors, Karrell Maurice Rogers hopes that they will stand as a surefire way of creating a better future for his son. 

Learn more about Karrell Maurice Rogers by visiting his website.

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