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Kathy Grandt Searching for the Right Business Partner to Fulfill Her Dreams of Helping People Find Their Dream Homes



The business industry is often a ruthless and cutthroat industry, and when one party doesn’t hold up to its fair share of the bargain, then disaster will definitely befall any grand partnership, no matter how novel their idea may be. Kathy K Grandt has been an unfortunate victim of this particular scenario, yet she has never let it faze her. She knows deep down that she has an amazing idea that just needs the right partner to fully materialize.

Kathy Grandt is a mother, a grandmother, and a budding entrepreneur. She is the mother of a daughter who will soon be turning 40 years old and a grandmother to two wonderful grandsons aged 4 and 11. Kathy made her first foray into the business industry through the real estate industry over the last couple of years, but to her dismay, she has yet to find some relative success due to an unfortunate situation with her business partner.

Most good businesses are built on a solid partnership and a brilliant business idea. Kathy Grandt definitely has the latter, but the former fell short due to her business partner’s shortcomings. Kathy herself poured her heart and soul into the business, yet she never got any compensation for the hours and days of work that she had done.

“It’s very frustrating when you are trying to help support a family,” explains Kathy Grandt. “I’m desperately looking for someone who will work with me to help me help others,” she adds. Kathy’s heart is in the right place, and she just needs the right business partner to manifest her amazing real estate idea.

The premise of the entire business concept simply relies on helping other people find their dream homes. If someone was looking for a home for their family but couldn’t really afford it, Kathy Grandt would go about it in an unconventional way just to help them secure their dream home. To do this, she would have them find a home that they like that’s well within their price range, and they would construct plans to renovate that home to cater to their needs.

Kathy would then lease the property to the family for 5 years at a rent that they could afford. Then, within those 5 years, the rent money would be paid toward their downpayment, so they could fully purchase their forever home. The novel idea was poised to help a lot of people down the line, but Kathy’s ex-partner failed to keep their end of the bargain, failing to secure enough funding and ultimately dooming their business.

Fast forward to today, after making mistakes and learning from them, Kathy Grandt is now ready to find a good, solid, reliable business partner that can help her dream of helping others become a reality. “I don’t want to be like other companies that ask for a hefty down payment and charge their clients extra,” says Kathy. “A lot of people can’t afford that kind of money.” In line with this belief, Kathy makes her properties as affordable as possible, helping clients secure their dream homes. “Many have told me that it couldn’t be done. I want to prove them wrong!” she exclaims.

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