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Kendra J. Lewis: The Boss Architect of ‘Leverage Not Debt’ Formula for a Small Business



Every business needs credit to fund its overall operations. Whether it is a corporation, small or medium enterprise, or even a start-up, securing a business credit is as essential as obtaining business revenues.

While some businesses are closing due to debt or bankruptcy, for Kendra Lewis, who has over ten years of experience as a business funding and strategy expert, that phenomenon can be avoided by her philosophy: Business Strategy + Business Funding = 6 & 7 Figure Success. She is transforming business owners to become architects of their finances.

For years, Kendra Lewis worked for one of the largest banks in the US. As a business loan officer, she dealt with large companies and learned how they successfully operate their businesses with the use of business credit. Intrinsically, Kendra knew what criteria is needed to earn a real business credit. With Kendra’s set of strategies and techniques, she transitioned from banking into corporate strategy and has helped Fortune 500 companies increase their revenues, launch new offers, and achieve company growth. She believes that every business needs credit for funding and leverages them from being trapped on the premise of debt.

Kendra has seen the need for small business owners to gain the same set of strategies and techniques she applied for the large companies she has worked with. As a boss architect, Kendra specializes in developing and implementing strategies for small business owners. She has a proven framework that helped them launch, grow, and scale their operations without using personal credit.

A challenge that Kendra has recognized in small business owners is they often confuse and connote business credit with personal credit. She defined her first method of building real business credit, which is to create a credible lending persona. The second method is to activate the credit profile with the Big 4 business bureaus, and the last method is to obtain a credit line that will jumpstart a business credit without personal credit.

With Kendra’s philosophy, she teaches small business owners the concept of “leverage not debt.” She recognizes that small business owners only focus on obtaining one type of business credit. However, Kendra introduces to them how to use vendor, retail, and cash credit for their expenses. This is using business credit to create revenue-generating strategies and avoid getting into debt.

Kendra always believes that building real business credit is building a holistic funding portfolio, a robust credit profile, and obtaining vendor, retail, and cash credit. Her “leverage not debt” formula, has transformed hundreds of small businesses and helped them acquire millions in funds. 

As Kendra puts it, attaining good business credit is a two and a half year process. However, with her expertise, she created her signature program called The Credit Architect. The program has eight powerful modules that would help transform the business credit in just 90 days. With Kendra as a mentor and business partner, she shows how to build a business credit that will fund operations like a big business without even using personal credit.

Kendra’s passion is to help small businesses to move forward and realize business goals. As a mentor and coach, Kendra is determined to help entrepreneurs further; thus, she extends her expertise through consultation sessions such as private business credit coaching and business transformation sessions. She also hosts a free masterclass about business credit to educate prevailing and aspiring small business owners.

Kendra’s philosophy, Business Strategy + Business Funding = 6 & 7 Figure Success, has transformed small businesses. Through the “leverage not debt” formula, Kendra is breaking the tradition of small businesses and scaling them towards the mindset of becoming big businesses.

Kendra Lewis is always excited to work with small business owners. For inquiries about her programs, discover them via her website. Follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for updates.

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