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Kendu Harrell Talks About What Inspired the Release of His First EP “p.p.s”



To most people, music is so much more than just the fusion of different rhythms and beats. It can be seen as a form of expression, a voice, an outlet for emotion. Oftentimes, it is considered as escapism in its most convenient yet most relevant form. For Kendu Harrell, his music is an artistic personification of who he is — his outlook on life, his struggles, and his free spirit. 

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Kaheam Kendu Harrell Reid, Jr., otherwise known simply as Kendu Harrell, has just released his first EP titled “P.P.S,” drawing inspiration from his deep passion for art and his unique outlook on success. According to Kendu, who started making music in 2018, for his first project, he would listen to all genres of music and specifically focused on the works of other artists who likewise wrote about the different realities of life, such as J. Cole, Lupe Fiasco, Andre 3,000, and Kanye West. 

In the past decade, the number of artists who aim to change the world through music has skyrocketed; however, there have also been quite a lot of singer-songwriters who make music just for the sake of it, absent any other purpose for their craft. In a world of profit, where art is now seen as a money-making machine, those whose passion ceaselessly keeps them going nevertheless thrive tirelessly. Kendu proudly proclaims that the purpose of his creation is so much more than meets the eye, keeping a noble goal in mind as he pursues his dream. 

P.P.S in particular, which stands for “Pain. Poetry. Storytelling.”, is targeted towards healers, learners, thinkers, as well as those who are open to listening to something that is somewhat different in the midst of all the different genres of music that are currently available on the market. Artists like Kendu, who express their pain through their songs, and who see lyrics as poetry and an avenue for telling their story, continue to grow in abundance in this seemingly borderless world, with their ability to reach hundreds to thousands of listeners in the hope of inspiring those who have likewise inspired them, moving the hearts of audiences who have been through similar situations. 

Possessing an immense love for everything related to music, Kendu has not only decided to use his artistic work as a marketing tool, but at the same time aims to utilize his own music as a voice to attain a certain level of independence, and as a way to expand the reach of his work, — a combination that is oftentimes overlooked by individuals in the industry. He does not solely aim for the success of his music and his career but would also like to help others through his songs. This, according to him, was a significant factor in the creation of P.P.S, as he went on to say, “not only do I want to be established and successful, but I also want to be able to put others in better positions.” 

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