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King Lie Makes Great Strides Toward Hip-Hop with New Releases



In today’s highly competitive and saturated music industry, only those who are topped with an incomparably unyielding determination can make it. Nothing gives life to sheer talent and raw abilities the way that an ignited soul and burning passion do. And among the sea of passion-driven artists emerges King Lie, a musician whose fresh take on hip-hop sparks inspiration and stirs wonder. 

Although music seeks to entertain and amuse, it has long proven to be more than just a form of leisure. It also serves as a vessel for those who wish to send across a message and give comfort in the guise of meaningful lyrics and soothing melodies. In the case of King Lie, his craft became the catalyst for his transformation and the impetus of his flourishing career. Without his love for music, he would not have become the man that he is today. 

Originally from Chin State, Myanmar, King Lie, whose real name is Lai Ram Ceu, moved to the United States in 2007 when he was just nine years old. Growing up as a refugee, he spent his early years in Chicago and shortly transferred to Moline, Illinois. And the moment he got settled in his new home state, he decided to start his YouTube channel. This eventually led him to begin his journey towards music in Summer 2020. 

Before dipping his toes in the music realm, King Lie was making waves in the real estate industry with his entrepreneurial flair. A retired refugee at the age of twenty-two, he quit his nine-to-five job and took the reins of a real estate company that he founded in February of this year. And this business, proving to be a fruitful venture, has earned him a total of twenty-three apartment units. 

As a result of his smart investments in real estate, King Lie became financially stable enough to direct his full attention to his ultimate passion—music. So far, this budding musician has released two songs, “Cold Heart” and “Zooming,” which are available on YouTube and all other streaming platforms. 

Currently, King Lie is shooting his third song, “Close Friends,” which will be out by January next year. Aside from his stunning voice and unmatched artistry, he also has the ability to make music in two different languages. And this 2021, he plans on releasing new singles coupled with music videos every month of the year. 

With his unparalleled drive, clear vision, and distinctive storytelling, in the coming years, this must-watch artist hopes to take center stage by improving his online presence and performing his songs in front of his fans nationwide. 

On top of evolving into a household name in the music industry and headlining big shows, King Lie wishes to create a meaningful impact in his community and in the lives of aspiring musicians and hopeful creatives. For now, as someone to look out for, he aims to change the way that people see hip-hop. 

Learn more about King Lie by following him on Instagram or streaming his music on Spotify and Youtube.

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