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Lauren Marsicano Dreams to Help All Women Achieve Their ‘Queendoms’



There is immense power and responsibility in being a woman. Although our collective history as a human race is unkind and hostile to women, they have found their places in our societies. Women learned to cement themselves and make changes to their respective communities in profound ways.

One such example, who embodies the principles of an empowered woman, comes in the face of Lauren Marsicano, Esq., Lauren is the co-founder of Marsicano + Leyva, a law firm based in Miami, Florida. The firm represented some of the most well-known business establishments in the United States – the Fortune 100 like Bank of America. 

She serves as a model for women who fight for justice and the betterment of society. 

The Miami native is not new to the ins and outs of business and finance. Growing up, she lived in an international business environment that influenced her greatly. It is not a question then that she would later choose to pursue a degree in International Business and Finance. Later on, she continued a law degree at the University of Miami – School of Law, where she went under the mentorship of some of the great legal minds and has also studied under the best legal minds from Oxford University.

Her wit and outstanding legal expertise landed her a spot in the Top 40 under 40 Lawyer in the Nation certified by the American Bar Association. She also received the recognition as Florida Super Lawyer, Rising Star for two consecutive years – in 2019 and 2020.

Being a lawyer is not the only vocation of Lauren Marsicano. As a degree holder of International Business and Finance, she has built a six-figure business in just over a year – a feat that she wants other women to follow. The ambition to inspire other women and impart them with useful business strategies led her to start her networking and business growth company, Networking Maverick.

“I can assist women with learning the skills, techniques, and mindset that will allow them to turn their network into net-worth,” says Marsicano. 

Networking Maverick is a testimony to her confidence that women are capable beings. She strives to use this platform to provide motivation and education to women as they make their approach to the business world. Lauren believes that passion can generate profit once integrated with the proper tools, opportunity, and the right mindset. 

Women in many societies assume the responsibility of taking care of their children and, as such, have a harder time finding jobs. With this, many choose to start businesses online as it is accessible and done inside the comforts of their homes. Lauren wants to expand the horizon for these women. She has made it her goal and brand to work with women instead of competing with them. That way, women can transform their lives, turn their passions into profit, and build their Queendoms. In line with this philosophy, Lauren and her team recently awarded four scholarships to women owned-businesses through the non-profit Women for Success with $1000 worth of scholarship each.

It is outstanding how Lauren devotes her life to others. She aims to help over a thousand women create six-figure businesses in the next year. She stated, “I strive to provide women professionals and entrepreneurs with the mindset, motivation, education, and support that will allow them to build and protect their Queendoms.”

If this could not get any better, Lauren will launch another nonprofit platform, Women for Success, that will open another arena for women in the prospect of self-improvement.

Truly, Lauren Marsicano is a woman of class, generosity, and inspiration – a beacon for all women. With women helping each other, they can reach even greater heights.

Be in touch with the latest updates on the Networking Maverick website, and you can follow Networking Maverick on Instagram and Youtube.

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