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Layla Alotaibi: A Young Mother on a Mission to Inspire People to Pursue Their Purpose



Most people’s perspective of things change dramatically when they either go through a life-changing event or mature with age. For 22-year-old mother and writer, Layla Alotaibi, however, she saw the need of the world as she ought to early in her life. She knew from the beginning of her writing path that she is destined to inspire people to live as she does—with purpose. 

Finding one’s purpose at an early age is such a rare gift. Many people live out their lives without fully realizing what their life’s purpose is. Living purposefully gives one a clear direction. People who are aware of their purpose can easily channel all their time, energy, and creativity to fulfilling their purpose. Too many individuals, however, are trapped in their own fears. These fears prevent them from pursuing what they know they should be doing in life. For many, it is the fear of failure that grips them. For some, it’s the fear of being rejected or judged. 

By working to transform her published written works into inspiring films, Layla is sending out a message of hope to the world. She wants people to realize that they can be anything they hope to be. They simply need to act on them. Her films aim to open peoples’ minds to the many realities other people are facing every day. By understanding that they are not the only ones going through troubling times, they can draw inspiration to get up and fight.

As a young mother, Layla understands how difficult life can get. Being fully aware of one’s dream, nonetheless, can be a helpful guide when trying to build a career. Still, she is pressing on and pursuing her entrepreneurial dream and to one day become one of the world’s most successful young entrepreneurs. It takes a lot of faith to take a leap into the unknown with minimal resources. But Layla’s faith is bigger than her fears. She would rather try than live to tell she never tried at all.

By reaching out to as many people as she can, Layla is influencing them to have the willingness to make something beautiful out of their ordinary lives. Success may not come easy, but it comes to those who work hard and persevere. It is for this reason that Layla is pursuing her dreams despite the potential challenges ahead of her. She is convinced that she will never truly know what she is capable of unless she tries. 

Layla’s optimism toward everything is contagious. Her resilience, wisdom, and outgoing nature are attributes that she believes are contributing greatly to her personal journey. She also believes that people can only institute change in the world when they start within themselves. Layla is taking that leap of faith to let the change begin within her.

Layla Alotaibi’s message to the world may sound simple, but in reality, it is what every single person needs to hear. At times such as this, it is the message of hope that will strengthen and motivate people to survive. It is hope that will fuel people to fight and strive until the battle has been won.

Check out Layla Alotaibi’s work on Wattpad

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