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Legacy Entertainment: An Entertainment Powerhouse in the Making



Photo credit: Joseph Bain

The newly launched company Legacy Entertainment is attracting a lot of attention as it is a conglomerate of three influential founders who have over 40 years of unmatched, combined experience in the music industry. Founders Steven Middleton, Rondell Cobbs (also known as Beatz), and Edwin Camacho have distinct experiences in the area of production, engineering, and mounting live tours for big names in the industry that include Coheed and Cambria, Lil Wayne, Birdman, Fall Out Boy, and Kevin Rudolf, to mention a few. 

Founded in the summer of 2020, Legacy Entertainment is designed to be a one-stop shop that caters to artist development and management, production services, and writing services that are envisioned to become a recording label in the future. The rare combination of skills and rich experiences that Middleton, Cobbs, and Camacho are bringing into the business are boosting their presence in the industry. The founders run multiple successful businesses that range from website development to real estate. During this challenging season, they realized that the time has come for them to diversify and launch their new venture. 

“Being in the industry for many years, seeing and learning many things both good and bad, shaped the beginning of this idea for all three founding members. We saw a hole we felt we could fill. Treating people the right way for the long term and building the foundation with integrity where everyone involved feels safe and secure is our vision. Doing this allows massive amounts of inspiration to flow between each other along with the work we do. Legacy wants to help connect the best talent in the world to the right opportunities on every level possible and their hard work speaks for itself, leaving a positive legacy one deal at a time,” shares the Legacy Entertainment founders.  

At the moment, the company is focused on building upcoming artist Meaghan Rose, whom the company recently signed. Legacy Entertainment is working closely with talent manager Joshua Mitchell in launching Meaghan Rose to stardom. The company will be introducing her debut single “Power&Pain” this coming October, and her full album titled Rose’ilium will be scheduled for release in January 2021. Meaghan Rose’s unique voice and passion for music are a perfect match to the music styles of Middleton, Cobbs, and Camacho. 

Additionally, the Legacy Entertainment is also developing a formidable team that will be made up of some of the music industry’s most talented producers and songwriters, including Allan Edwards, who is based in Atlanta, Georgia. 

“We want them to know that Legacy is here to help establish upcoming artists, producers, songwriters, engineers, and creatives get to the level in their career that they have always dreamed of,” the founders added. 

Middleton, Cobbs, and Camacho see Legacy Entertainment becoming one of the leading entertainment groups in the music industry in a few years. They are determined to become a household name in the industry and be identified as a talent powerhouse who will top the music charts in the future. With their broad management experience and business acumen, it will come as no surprise when the company becomes an industry forerunner in a few years. 

Learn more about Legacy Entertainment by visiting their website, Facebook, and Instagram

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