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Linda Washington Shares Cancer Survival Journey in New Book



A cancer diagnosis is a nightmare that shakes individuals and families to their core, changing virtually everything about their lives. Linda understands that a great, albeit less talked about, part of a cancer survivors’ journey are the days people struggle with the mental and emotional scars that cancer leaves in its wake. Now, she has released a book that shines a light on the dark moments of cancer’s courageous survivors.

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Linda Washington is a nurse, singer, author, and breast cancer survivor. Recently, she released a Kindle version of her book Forbidden and Broken: Finding Love Behind the Scars. In the book, Linda details her emotional and heartening story from pre-treatment to post-treatment – the drastic changes from a life filled with hope and happiness to one filled with rejection, pitying looks, and other personal indignities.

Linda once thought that the most challenging thing she had to face was the actual battle with cancer, she believed that once she was done with the treatments, medications, and countless hospital trips, things would go back to normal, but this was not the case – far from it. After her treatments, with her confidence restored, she decided to try dating again but ended up in a physically and verbally abusive relationship where she was constantly belittled and told that she was not a complete woman. It took a tremendous amount of effort, coupled with a friend’s encouragement, for Linda to break free of the daily torment.

Her relationship ordeal left her broken, and she gave up on dating for ten years and counting. Linda’s book was written to help and inspire other survivors, letting them know that they are not alone and do not have to suffer in silence.

“You should be loved for who you are, not what you went through.”

The mother of four understands first-hand how broken someone could be to the extent that they stop believing they deserve to be loved. She also recently released a single called “Missing You,” featuring renowned superstar Lamar. The song is a masterfully written tribute to all the Heroes and Heroines who have survived or are fighting cancer. One can almost touch the feelings she projects into the lyrics and the vocals, reminding them that they are still important and that their identity is not reduced merely to a suffix to a disease.

Linda has chosen to use her successful profile to give hope to those who might be struggling through the same ordeal. Her book and singles are not the work of someone seeking sympathy or attention, but to raise awareness of the vast number of people struggling with far more than the physical scars of their traumatic experience. A true daughter of Phoenix, Arizona in every sense of the word – she has risen from the ashes of profound loss and depression, and now this fighter and warrior lives to enlighten the lives of breast cancer survivors. She has a great passion for those who have given up on finding and believing in love again. And those who live in fear of what their future holds.

“I do not want any other breast cancer survivor to go through what I did. I want them to believe and find love again.”

Linda has successfully transformed her self-image and found her voice again – shedding all the shackles of a defeatist mentality, the pile of rejections, and self-diffident behavior. Through her book, she desires to spread hope and show the world that they can come back stronger and more successful like her. She has made it her purpose to help breast cancer survivors achieve whatever they desire out of life.

To listen to her music or connect with Linda Washington, visit her Instagram and Twitter pages, or follow her on SoundCloud.

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