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LP Wellness and Aesthetics Steps Up in Pandemic to Guarantee Inner Health that Matches Outer Beauty



LP Wellness and Aesthetics have spared no cost in providing a haven for health and beauty during the COVID-19 pandemic. Founder and CEO Lexie Rae Peterka has gathered a team of recognized doctors who are dedicated to protecting the haven they’ve created for LP patients. Together, they tested companies such as ATF in New York City and its surrounding boroughs.

The team, consisting of the world-renowned plastic surgeon, Paul Dreschnack, MD, Functional Medicine Doctor Kelly Bay, Carlos Rodriguez, MD, and Ophelia Campos, RN, of LP Wellness are committed to treating patients with anxiety, PTSD and depression. LP Wellness and Aesthetics believes in and is devoted to making inner health match outer beauty. Lexie and her team of doctors are determined not to let the ongoing pandemic hinder them from furthering their commitment.

LP Wellness began with the idea that health needed to be treated before problems occur. Named after its founder, the clinic is more than a doctor’s office; it is a facility to test, diagnose, and treat diseases before they manifest. The facility offers medical services in Functional Medicine, Internal Medicine, Hormone Therapy, IV Therapy, Chiropractic Medicine, Physical Therapy, Fertility, and Aesthetics. With her doctors and her background in Medicine, Lexie created a way for beauty to emanate from the inside. 

LP Wellness helps improve health and, through Aesthetics, translate inner health to skin-deep beauty. In the wellness facility, aesthetics are a temporary and safe alternative for women who do not want or are not ready for plastic surgery. LP Wellness and Aesthetics prioritizes medically treating patients who aren’t happy with themselves before allowing them to head into their aesthetics program. In LP Aesthetics, patients can avail of cosmetic procedures such as non-surgical rhinoplasty, lip enhancement, and botox. 

As they are dealing with insecurities and perceived flaws, the wellness facility makes sure to treat each patient like family. LP Wellness and Aesthetics and its team of competent doctors form bonds with their patients and ensure that they are providing the best health care possible from a wellness facility. The trust in their work and ability has made LP Wellness and Aesthetics, one of the go-to wellness facilities in New York. 

A significant factor in their patients’ faith in them, LP Wellness promotes functional medicine as a more effective way of treating the body compared to the outdated general prescription medication. They provide IV drips for patients with depression, pain management, PTSD, Cancer, and migraines to start their safe journey towards wellness and beauty. Before recommending and providing anything to their patients, the facility gives a full comprehensive lab testing, bloodwork, and weight management analysis. LP’s holistic wellness facility uses the analysis to treat diseases before they become chronic. 

The wellness facility caters to patients who want to treat small imperfections with wellness. LP Wellness and Aesthetics encourages people who feel pain, depression, chronic acne, migraines, and mental cramps to visit them. These everyday pains that are brushed off have simple solutions provided by the facility and should be checked as early as possible. 

With the ongoing pandemic enforcing a new normal all over the world, LP Wellness and Aesthetics has stepped up to the task of making itself available to its wellness patients. The facility now offers house calls and personally delivers therapy IV drips to the front door, ensuring health and beauty during this difficult time. For booking appointments or more information, LP Wellness and Aesthetics are available on their official website and Instagram account. 

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