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Luke Wade Overcomes Adversities to Rise Up Fitness Ranks



Many people nowadays often encounter heartbreaking setbacks that pull them away from success and aspirational living. This predicament was undoubtedly the case for Fort Worth, Texas-based personal fitness trainer Luke Wade at many points of his life. Yet equipped with a rock-solid work ethic and drive to persevere, he has overcome them all to become a premier fitness guru in the online space. 

Luke is a personal trainer with a psychology and nutrition science background. He holds accreditation with the Cooper Institute and specializes in strength training, weight loss, core and balance, muscular definition and gaining, cardio training, wellness, and injury prevention. The trainer holistically approaches fitness and wellness, connecting mind, body, and spirit in his training regimen. Luke has trained clients between the ages of 9 and 89 and knows how to motivate people from all walks of life.

Getting to where he is today wasn’t a walk in the park for Luke Wade. His woes started early on in life. After moving from public to private school in the 6th grade, he felt out of place. To cope with the loneliness, he would turn to food. The excessive stress-eating would turn into a larger weight level that piled up with time. “At one point, it nearly took me 14 minutes to run one mile,” shares Luke Wade. “At 12 years old, I thought that was it for me. Girls didn’t like me and guys didn’t respect me.”

But his older brother would encourage Luke to get back in shape. He participated in a summer strength and conditioning camp for high school athletes. The training was rigorous, but he pushed through. By the time he reached the 7th grade, Luke was in much better shape. He would also join the school’s football team.

But tragedy would strike again after Luke would shatter his elbow in a varsity football game. The injury would cause Luke Wade to spiral into a state of depression and anxiety. “It was like I was being attacked on all sides,” recalls Wade. “I just wanted it to end. Even to the point I thought about ending my own life.” But Luke would find solace in fitness once again and overcome all odds. He recovered from injury and trained ferociously over that following year, which would land Luke even above the varsity quarterback and the ace wide receiver of his junior classboth D1 college football players in the makingin athletic testing Fall 2009.

But several years later, Luke would drop out of physical therapy school, and another world-rocking setback would ensue. Recollecting and realigning, Luke would decide to relaunch his training business, which had failed in the past. This time around, his business would fly, and clients would start flocking in to work with him. Even as COVID-19 hit and two-thirds of his clients abandoned ship, Luke Wade pivoted and learned digital marketing. Today, his online programs have become an enormous success. 

In all his setbacks, personal fitness trainer Luke Wade always found a way to bounce back. Today, his sacrifices and perseverance have paid off. He now uses his struggles and trial experiences to relate and empathize with clients who have gone through failures themselves. Luke trains the body and the mind to overcome all obstacles and experience more tremendous success. Today, he uses his story to prove that hard work and grit can turn anyone’s setbacks into glorious comebacks. 

To learn more about Luke Wade, visit his website and Facebook page.

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