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Magic formulas to have an organized life amongst a toiling schedule – Priyanshu Chouhan




PRIYANSHU CHOUHAN, distinguished for being a man who has acquainted with miscellaneous work profiles at the age of 18, is deemed to be the sort of person living the life everyone should admire. His esteem has grown multi-folds in the past few years as he engendered his prestige.

Priyanshu’s typical lifestyle, business, knowledge, fun and passion, all incorporated with one another, he is a person with calibre and one whose experiences have made him the man he is today. Being a celeb manager, a marketer, an entrepreneur and an influencer, he has procured a lot and has a lot going on in his schedule. A professional, he has always an ulterior motive in his mind and is rigorously operational to benefit others all-inclusive. He openly articulated his hacks and keys and let us on the magic formulas for leading a happening lifestyle.

On being posed with the query “How does he keep both success and stress in equilibrium with his busy schedule?”

Priyanshu rejoindered uniquely to the question, he stated that “ Being working in multiple environments, I righteously know that stress management forms the crystal grounds for success and frankly, it is equivalently strenuous to do so.” He mentioned “ It depends on your inner will, and conscience, and how well your time management is. If your skills are consummate and your will is sheer, you can develop a clear strategy for stress management.” Shedding further light on the concerned topic, he advises people to live a planned day, he mentioned: “From the first ray, have your day planned, have a proper checklist of your tasks and be sure what is your priority”. He asserted the importance of having time for yourself. ”Whenever, at the tough moments things become endurable” he revealed,” you should find your egress and give yourself time, never forget, your friends and family are equivalently important as your work, and demand your time. Also, they are your keys to manage your stress and seak some relief to your mind”.

“Time, money and passion, how do these three go in hand-in-hand, as many new entrepreneurs, influencers and other work environments struggle to extricate time, yield result with passion and often suffer monetary problems?”

To this Priyanshu yielded a commendable and impeccable reply, ”The key for this, is totally within you, I know mostly the answer to this is time-management, but that’s a big NO, the answer to this is entirely different” He verbalized-“ If you commit yourself to passion, half the problem is solved, as passion paves the way. When you are determined enough consign yourself to your passion, you are equipped to dedicate your time to it”. He emphasized the importance of linkage of the three factors, Time-Money-Passion by saying-“ When you have a passion and you pledge yourself to it, and you sacrifice your time as maturely you can to procure your goal and be the gem at your work. Furtherance, believe me at this when you are par-excellence at a piece of work, you are unexcelled and cherished. You are worthy of all the deserved appreciation”. He advises sticking to passion as it brings money with itself. “Passion paves the road for money, the world pays you both in monetary and in words when you are at the zenith.”

Recollecting his own journey, Priyanshu said-“One year back, when I became the founder of The Priyanshu Chouhan Company, I never thought my firm would make it this big, but the passion I have, at that time, kept me advancing and unsurpassable”.

Answering to “How do you think the current generation can pave the pathway, and let success never get to the head and live an admirable lifestyle?”

“To say, that one can achieve success without an arduous journey would be preposterous. Also, on the path to achieving success, you gain experiences which keep your ego in check and never let success get to your head. Although, one should never forget their groundwork and their roots as we often hear once they are at the pinnacle of the success. It keeps the man connected and organized.” He advised the youth to utilize their potential. “ today’s gen is the most discerning and on the ball, with pioneering methodologies and convictions. They need to realize their true potentials. With a lot at their dispense, they can simply engender a lot of stuff to aid others and prove to be beneficial to society.”

“An admirable lifestyle is one with which you are content. One can live a seamless life when you have a check on yourself, have your routine manageable and have the three factors-time-money and passion at the right points of the clock.”

Well, to ask what’s Priyanshu’s key to be motivated, he says that he tries to seek inspiration from his life experiences and his journey and how he can be beneficial to the orb. He seeks inspiration from within!

Founder & CEO