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Maurice D. Ravennah: The Great Character that Defines a Leader



“Leaders don’t create followers; they create more leaders.” The infamous quote by Tom Peters teaches people and young leaders today a valuable lesson.

The business world moves at a rapid pace every year. More people in business and leaders are getting competitive to win against a competitor. Some leaders want to be on top, while others focus on helping one another to reach one goal together.

Maurice D. Ravennah, a CEO of three companies who received an award for the Business Elite’s Top 40 CEO under 40 (2019), is a believer in inspiring people towards achieving a common goal. Maurice manages three organizations, namely Phoenix International Inc., Griffin Global Incorporated, and Just Stop Killing Us. 

Each organization has its own goal and platform. The three organizations are all aimed to inspire and motivate individuals to believe that making the world a better place starts with helping one another. 

Griffin Global Incorporated is one of Maurice’s thriving companies. The U-Do phone app is one of the products the firm promotes. The launch date of the app is nearly ready for the public. The goal of the app is to help entrepreneurs make their life more comfortable and productive. 

Griffin Global Incorporated also provides a variety of services to business which includes, Market research, Business planning, Organizational development, Credit and Employment consulting, and Marketing Consulting. You can check out what other services the company provides through its website.

Phoenix International Inc. is one of the vital corporations Maurice has built-in today’s world. Since foster youth are aging out of foster care, youth tend to have no proper financial and emotional support. After the age of 18, a young adult has no choice but to seek his/her path on her own. There will be no sustainable development if no programs are available aimed at enhancing their skills to have a career in the future.  

The younger generations are the same people who will shape the world. Without proper guidance and support, the rate of homelessness and crimes will continue to grow. As a result, Phoenix International Inc. seeks to end youth homelessness and poverty, create pipelines for educational opportunities, and lead the youth to career and entrepreneurship. If you want to be a contributor to the program, get more info through this website link.

Social injustices are prevalent today. It is no wonder that the news we see and hear almost takes this subject like it is a social norm. For Maurice, being quiet and not getting involved is never an option.

Due to the social injustices happening around, the Just Stop Killing Us movement was born. This movement focuses on the social, political, and economic change. Unfortunately, police brutality isn’t the only problem in the country. The racism and discrimination that marginalizes the economy that affects its potential are far by the worse problems the society has to face. 

Money should not make the world go round. Equality must be the common goal for all to stop the social injustices. Maurice advises people not to be afraid of speaking up the truth. If you have a story to tell to the media, preach it. One person cannot attain change alone, but with the help and effort of many, solving a specific problem becomes more sustainable. Support the movement today through this link. 

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