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McKenzie Young: Never Too Young for Success



Strategies in your online business are very important – but they won’t work if you are missing these key aspects. Someone who overcomes not just the external obstacles to success, but masters themselves and their money mindset along the way can accomplish anything. 

This philosophy, advocated by McKenzie Young, highlights the importance of having a good mindset. McKenzie is an online business and money mindset coach.  And at just twenty-two years old, she already owns three online businesses generating a multiple six-figure income. In return, she helps entrepreneurs start and scale their online businesses to 6-figures by implementing the scalability strategies that feel aligned with her clients.

Today, this hotshot may be flying airplanes during her free time for fun. However, her life of prosperity did not come without a backstory. She was raised by a single mother who was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer a few years ago. When her mom got sick, McKenzie decided to go all in with her businesses and scale them – allowing her to payoff her mother’s debt and help her get through treatments. But growing up on government assistance, McKenzie was no stranger to life’s adversities. 

McKenzie humbly started her first online business with only $800 to her name. But with her focused vision and her grandfather’s words of wisdom “You can achieve anything you set your mind to”, she decided to go for it. She quit her jobs, declined a full-ride scholarship to University, and went all-in with her online businesses. It was a risk she is glad she took. At this point, things were finally starting to look up for her, and this prompted her to create a platform where she can promote her advocacies and share her strategies with the whole world. She wants her success story to be a testament of faith and perseverance. 

For this young entrepreneur, a good strategy should always be coupled with the proper mindset. One would be futile without the other. And with thousands enrolled in her online courses and hundreds in her group programs, she could see just how effective her methods are. It’s no wonder that even in just a short span of time, her clients have already grown exponentially. 

One key ingredient to McKenzie’s approach is doing away with what she calls the “cookie-cutter” method of building an online business. She believes that there are no hard and fast rules in the pursuit of success. As a matter of fact, incredible results can be created out of implementing different strategy alternatives just as long as the two constants are there – strategy and mindset. 

In some of her interviews, McKenzie would mention that her ideal clients are those who understand the value of doing inner work. She adds that one must be willing to put in both mind and heart to be able to succeed in life. This draws the line between those who keep going amidst difficulties and those who quit entirely. 

As someone who has been dealt with a harder hand earlier in her life, McKenzie teaches her clients that success is born out of resilience and fortitude. Greatness doesn’t come easy. To know more of  McKenzie’s tips and tricks and how to work with her, you may head on to her website and Instagram.

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