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Meet Brandon Heitmann: This Entrepreneur Turned His Life Around & Built a Landscaping Empire



Brandon Heitmann

Entrepreneur and business owner Brandon Heitmann managed to turn his life around and create a six-figure business. From struggling with keeping a job and drug abuse, the twenty-six year old is now the owner of Exigent Landscaping, LLC. a successful company providing clients with the very best design team, sales team, and install team in the landscaping industry.

He began his career at just fifteen years old, working at pizza stores and his cousin’s landscaping company while still in high school. At the same time, he was struggling to keep jobs due to him always missing work, and began doing drugs.

“At one time I had to work three different jobs at a time just to get enough hours,” he says. 

After high school, Brandon began attending college full time. This is when he decided to start his own landscaping company. When he first started out, it was just him and his push mower mowing lawns. He was charging only $20 a lawn until his drug addiction took a turn for the worst. Brandon ended up spending three nights in jail because of his abuse of drugs. This is when he realized that he needed to change his life around.

Brandon got himself clean and was fully focused on improving his lawn mowing business. “I turned my obsession from drugs to growing and expanding my business. I became obsessed,” he shares. He started pushing 80-90 hour work weeks and improving his knowledge of the industry and business as a whole.

In the spring of 2019, Brandon had to make the hardest business decision of his life. He decided to sell his grass business that he had worked seven years to build up in order to fully focus all of the business’s attention on landscape construction. Fast forward to now, Exigent just came off its best year ever totaling $2,100,000 in revenue. Brandon was able to increase his business’s revenue from $300,000 to $2,100,000 in just one year. His business has grown by an astounding 700%.  Brandon now has over fifteen employees and is getting steady landscaping jobs totaling over $300,000.

“I am now not only making a huge impact in my clients’ lives, but in my employees’ lives as well. I am now on a mission to become the best landscaping company in the world and help other entrepreneurs grow their businesses,” he says.

At Exigent, Brandon is building clients’ dreams. He and his team are changing clients’ lives, giving clients the opportunity to create wonderful new memories of their new landscape. He is changing the lives of his employees helping them reach their goals while keeping work fun, challenging, and exciting. This year Brandon also started his own mentorship program called Exigent Academy Mentorship where he has made a goal for himself to help 200 contractors become millionaires. Want to learn more? Check out his group here and the various packages he offers to help you and your business grow to extraordinary levels:

Exigent is focused on providing service to new construction homes, clients looking to revamp their landscaping, and also young business owners looking to grow and expand their own business. They are able to provide the best quality service and provide the best experience for their clients.  From their design team, sales team, and install team, they all go above and beyond to exceed their clients’ expectations. Brandon and his employees take tremendous pride in their work and love to see the end result of our product.