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Meet Shawn Henry The Entrepreneur Making Headlines In The Energy Industry: Lessons To Learn



Shawn Henry

According to research, the mean household income for young entrepreneurs has been $69,000. This figure though lower than the overall household means it is still not a far cry from the six-figure mark. Since entrepreneurship is the future; many young people have been learning how to make $100,000 a year, and “six-figure income” has become the new buzz phrase and a status symbol of choice. 

Shawn Henry is an entrepreneur from Florida, earning more than $40 million in revenue. With vast experience in consultation and marketing, he is the founder of a company “Efficient Home Services” that was recently on the Inc 5000 list. Henry, who is also an Instagram influencer, is passionate about inspiring young entrepreneurs how to get started on their dreams. His interest is to see small businesses grow to become multiple million dollar companies. 

Here are a few lessons you can learn from Shawn Henry. 

Your Past Does Not Define You; It Prepares You

Shawn Henry was born and partially raised in Canada. He was that boy who liked playing with lizards and other games that his father taught him. He was a teen socialite trying to find acceptance from friends. However, along the way, his life took a wrong direction. Henry sank deep into some bad habits that eventually became the new norm for him like doing drugs and getting into trouble with the law. Indiscipline cases in learning institutions did not allow him to fit well with other students. He was always off and on school and sometimes facing severe disciplinary matters. One time he was in association with a group of students that bullied another kid in school. 

The cycle continued and often he was at loggerheads with his instructors both in school and out of school. His behaviour could not make him sustain any meaningful employment. But could anything good ever come from this young man? Well, a ‘good samaritan’ appeared to Henry with an offer that seemed to have turned the young man’s life around; he got a job offer in sales. At this moment his parents had divorced, and the reality of life seemed to be invading every other day which is what led Henry to move out of his comfort zone and make a life he wanted to live. And yes, he did it. 

It is Not Over Until It’s Over

Despite drinking and driving, smoking weed and the other bad habits Shawn had growing to do. Henry was a natural-born salesman and that showed when he quickly became a top performer working with a small solar company. He took note of how the company operated and chose to go his way. He had gained enough knowledge on how to get licensed, leads, and how to build a brand– and indeed built his own. Today, he is a successful owner of a company- popularly known as Efficient Home Services. 

However, the journey was difficult, but the urge to succeed kept him on the path. He began persuading homeowners on the idea of going solar. It forced him and his team friends to knock on every door for several days with a mission to accomplish. His humble beginnings did not stop his dream. He went on investing in talents that were helpful to the growth of his business. 

A Dream Come True

Today, Henry’s company is among the fastest-growing solar energy in Florida. Efficient Home Services is the #1 energy company on The Inc 5000. His dream was to live his life the way he wants without living anyone’s life, and sure enough, the guru earns over $40 million in revenue. It is impressive to see how his company has grown by over 2200% and still more to come. 

With his top-notch sales reps and experts experienced in solar and proven installers, Henry has managed to convert his company from $400 income per month to over $1.5 million. His dream has been propelled by building a good relationship with leaders, distributors, and creating unique business models. 

The company has generated more than $48 million in revenue in the last two years. Henry continues to help homeowners achieve efficiency within their homes at a relatively lower cost. Therefore hold on to your dreams, it might be stormy now, but it can’t rain forever. Your vision will come to pass. Be patient, persistent, and courageous. Success is on the way.