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Mia GiAngelos: Finding Purpose for Her Pain and Helping Others Find Theirs



Quite often, a lot of people go through painful experiences in life without understanding why they had to happen. Very few move forward armed with the motivation to simply make the most of life without compromising their purpose and happiness. Mia GiAngelos is one of those who are fortunate enough to have found the purpose of all the pain she encountered in life, and she is using her experiences to help others grow and improve.

Mia created the Facebook group Go “Love” Yourself to get support after getting out of a toxic relationship. She also intended to start loving herself more after what she had gone through. The group eventually blossomed into an opportunity for Mia to reach out to other women like herself, and she found great fulfillment in being able to empower them to rebuild their lives after experiencing trauma. 

Interestingly, Mia uses a black rose as her official logo. “It’s black because I’ve embraced the darkness of my past and now I’m growing into something beautiful. I’ve given my pain a purpose. I hope that you will do the same,” Mia explains.  

She decided to become a certified master life coach, podcaster, author, and motivational speaker. Through her life experiences and extensive research, she is able to encourage her audiences when she speaks about relationships, recovery, dating, and self-love. Mia has also diversified to touch on leadership and communication topics.

Making a difference and a lasting impact on the lives of people have always been her dream in life. Seeing herself doing what she is doing now makes her proud of how far she has come despite her painful past. Making a living out of motivating and challenging people from different backgrounds gives her all the inspiration she needs to continue to move forward and live out her purpose.

“I have had the pleasure of being an audience member of many of Mia’s presentations and speeches. She is a wonderful speaker and always has a strong message to share. Her background, style, and passion combine to make her presentations compelling. When Mia’s giving a talk, I make every effort to be in that audience! She is such a confident and eloquent speaker. She always has a beautiful message to share with her audience,” says Grace Bennett. 

Mia is best known for combining strategic approaches and her out-of-the-box perspective of things to help individuals rise above their personal challenges and limitations in life. She also helps them overcome their doubts by teaching them how to move forward with their lives. For one, helping people realize their purpose in life has worked wonders in letting them find their positive inner voice and achieve their personal goals. 

Despite her full schedule, Mia always finds the time to help her community by working with people recovering from drug and alcohol addiction. She also reaches out to those recovering from abusive or toxic relationships. Mia also volunteers as a victim advocate for the San Antonio Police Department, where she gets the opportunity to extend help in sexual and domestic abuse cases. She is a fierce supporter of the Me Too Movement, suicide prevention and awareness, and mental health awareness. 

Mia GiAngelos sees Go “Love” Yourself becoming a brand that people will recognize nationally as a community that is passionate about empowering women so they can grow and eventually find strong and healthy relationships. 

Learn more about Mia GiAngelos by visiting her website. Follow her on Instagram and Facebook to get daily motivation. 

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