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Mikiah Azarcon’s GO-GETTER Co. Set to Take the Wallet Market by Storm



Search any person, and you are almost guaranteed to find one or all of these things: a phone, keys, and a wallet. The loss of any of these could disrupt, at the very least, the plans of an entire day. GO-GETTER Co. is a brand that adds an extra layer of safety with a dash of style.

Mikiah Azarcon, a 22-year-old entrepreneur and graduate of Pepperdine University, is the founder and CEO of GO-GETTER Co. It is an e-commerce lifestyle brand headquartered in Beverly Hills, California, that makes trackable wallets—combining a minimalist and exquisite design with what is reputed to be the thinnest tracker ever.

In 2017, Mikiah was studying to become a doctor of physical therapy but almost got expelled for cheating on his chemistry final exam. The reality of that moment and the summer that followed compelled him into making a “hard reset” in his life, switching majors and starting on the path that fuelled imagination and desire to start his own company. 

Although his initial attempts at starting his own company met with many failures, Mikiah Azarcon was relentless, and in 2018, the idea that would become GO-GETTER Co. was born in his dorm room. With a full schedule and little to no extra money, he had to take on four jobs to earn enough capital to jump-start the production of his prototypes in the hopes of receiving funding for his idea.

On July 21, 2020, after a rigorous amount of sampling, several prototypes and versions, the GO wallet was officially launched and has raced past the $100k mark in its first three months. Balancing style, safety, and function GO wallet distinguishes itself with a 6061-T6 space grade anodized aluminum body available in brushed or matte finishes and eight different colors. It is expandable and trackable via the thinnest Bluetooth tracker card in the world when in range, all in a stunning and compact modern design.

Mikiah engineered the GO wallet to be unique in its modern, sleek and aesthetic appeal, secure from RFID-skimming theft and light enough to accessorize with any fashion style. He was passionate about creating something that would resonate with people who are always on the move and benefit from having something as convenient as a trackable wallet.

Inspired and motivated by big brands that create unique cultures and communities within their organizations, Mikiah Azarcon set out to do the same with GO-GETTER Co.

“I wanted to start a brand where I create amazing content for, have values to live up to, and also inspire a culture or community of individuals to represent our brand while they ‘create their own reality’—the GO-GETTER Co. tagline,” Mikiah said.

GO-GETTER Co. is poised to become one of the leading wallet brands thanks to the support of the community and pre-orders on Kickstarter. The company is ready to expand the reach of the GO Wallet brand on a global scale.

“Today, I’m doing everything I’ve always wanted to do. I’m making content, starting my own company, and now watching this brand grow from nothing to something.”

Mikiah Azarcon looks to make GO-GETTER Co. into a multi-million-dollar enterprise with his relentless drive yet stay true to inspiring dream-chasers, hustlers, innovators, and all those on a path to create a lifestyle for themselves and continuing to fuse style and function into everything they create.

Learn more about Mikiah Azarcon, and GO-GETTER Co. by visiting his website and Instagram page.

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