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MJ Consulting Group: The Road to Financial Freedom Through Credit Building and Repair



When Malik Hall learned and mastered the art of building and repairing credit, he knew he would make it his mission to help improve credit for the masses. After understanding how vital credit can be and how it significantly affects personal necessities, he was determined to turn his vision into a reality through MJ Consulting Group. Today, the credit guru lends his expertise to clients from all over the world who need to build, improve, or repair their credit profiles.

MJ Consulting Group is an Atlanta-based credit repair company assisting clients from all over the United States and Canada. The company is spearheaded by Malik Hall, a self-taught credit guru whose expertise has led him to become a renowned celebrity credit consultant. He assists clients with extremely low credit scores as well as those with high credit scores. “I always tell my clients that there is always room for improvement,” says Malik. “I do not sugarcoat anything with my clients. I let them know the plan ahead of time so we can both have an understanding of how we’ll achieve success,” he adds. He takes pride in following a straightforward and transparent approach with the people he works with. Over time, this approach has helped him gain the profound trust and confidence of clients. 

What keeps MJ Consulting Group stand out from the rest is the connection it establishes with its clients. Malik Hall makes sure to connect with clients on both professional and personal levels. Fortunately, it is easy for him to relate to the day to day problems his clients face when it comes to credit since he has experienced credit challenges himself.

The company was established by Malik Hall after he overcame his credit challenges in the past. In an attempt to settle personal credit issues on top of other personal problems in life, Malik took matters into his hands and went as far as learning the fundamental ins and outs of credit. From credit repair to credit improvement and credit building, he passionately researched and studied everything related to credit. His hard work and persistence paid off when he finally got three major credit bureaus to remove the negative items in his credit report. From that experience, MJ Consulting Group was born.

Today, Malik Hall is best known as the celebrity credit consultant working alongside celebrities and public figures. More than this, MJ Consulting Group strives to serve not only famous personalities but also clients from all walks of life. Malik ensures equal treatment for all clients through his signature approach of “no sugarcoating.”

Malik Hall has high hopes for MJ Consulting Group. In the future, he hopes to launch the company globally and serve clients from different parts of the world. With a strong and reliable team of credit repair specialists at hand, it is evident that this ultimate goal is not so far ahead as the company consistently moves forward day by day. 

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